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Victor was a programmer and drone pilot loyal to the pro-Soviet Union ultranationalist Dmitri Gredenko during Day 6.

Day 6[]

Before Day 6, Victor wrote a program that would be used to control several military drones equipped with suitcase nuclear devices, of which would be deployed upon several American cities. Due to the efforts of CTU, one bomb was detonated prematurely, and another was disarmed with zero casualties, and Victor spent the afternoon rewriting the program for only three targets. Throughout the day, he and Dmitri Gredenko would chat about their Soviet philosophies and how they planned to exploit their Arab terrorist co-conspirators.

Around 7:15pm, Gredenko, threatened by the American government closing in on their operations, ordered Victor to launch a drone, and lead it to their target in San Francisco. He also scrambled CTU's satellite feed, so the location where he would be controlling the drone would become difficult to detect. Victor led the drone just seconds away from that city, when Jack Bauer, Mike Doyle, and a CTU TAC team located him at 1530 Hillcrest and critically wounded him. Jack Bauer was able to steer the drone away from a high population density area of San Francisco, but resulted in police and fire teams, who arrived at the scene of the crash landing, being exposed to nuclear material leaking from the suitcase device in the damaged drone.

Jack Bauer had the intent of interrogating him in order to reveal Gredenko's location, but Victor ultimately died from his injuries.

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