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This article's subject relates to Season 8 of 24.

Victor Aruz was an informant during Day 8. He previously had assisted Jack during the Salazar operation in Mexico 10 years earlier.

Before Day 8[edit | edit source]

Prior to Day 3, CTU Los Angeles agent Jack Bauer respected Victor for his resourcefulness. He chose Victor to assist in placing him undercover inside the narco-terrorist ring run by Ramon Salazar and his brother Hector.

Prior to the events leading up to Day 8, Victor and his men, Manuel Escobar and Mauricio Tellez, were hired by Russians to get a contract killer into the United States. They were successful but the killer and his crew suddenly turned against them. As a result, both Escobar and Teyes were murdered, and Victor was targeted as the first hour of Day 8 began.

Day 8[edit | edit source]

Jack threatens Victor.

While rendezvousing with his criminal accomplices, Aruz was targeted by a sniper and a spotter, two high-ranking Red Square assassins who were sent by Davros. Unknown to Aruz at the time, he was in the sniper's crosshairs but the shooter missed his first chance. Victor entered his tenement home and called for his friend Manuel Escobar, but was shocked to find the body of "Manny" in the bathtub with a fatal gunshot wound to the head. Aruz immediately called Mauricio Tellez, but a horrified woman known to both men reported to him that Tellez had just been murdered. Victor swapped sweatshirts with a crack addict to help him elude his pursuers. As the addict distracted the Russian assassins for a moment, Aruz sped off in a stolen car, barely escaping the gunfire of the shooters.

Aruz already knew where Jack Bauer was living in New York City, and chose to go there for help. He wandered to Jack's apartment and confessed his involvement in the conspiracy, but demanded full legal immunity for his crimes in exchange for this information. Jack gave him trouble at first, but eventually believed him because of the circumstances and contacted CTU to vouch for his testimony.

Jack and Victor are stopped by cops.

While escorting Aruz to the 12th Precinct, they went through an alley. However, both he and Jack were assaulted by the two Red Square shooters. They managed to hide inside a building on West 21st and inform CTU of the situation. On their way to the roof of the building, Jack managed to take out the terrorists, one with and axe and knocking the other over the banister to the floor below. On the roof of the building, Cole Ortiz and three other CTU agents arrived via chopper. As Aruz was taken to the cabin of the helicopter, Jack and Cole argued over the terms of his surrender. Across the street on a rooftop, Davros fired a Stinger missile that blew the chopper to pieces.

Critically wounded, Victor confessed with his last breath that someone close to Hassan was a mole for the hitter. He then succumbed to his injuries.

Live appearances[edit | edit source]

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