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Vikki Valence was the headlining stripper at the Golden Pole in New Orleans during Storm Force.

Before Storm Force[]

Valence had been friends with a man named Alan Marcel, who she thought to be a simple painter. He was, in fact, a French intelligence agent called Alain Marcel. She was together with Raoul Garros, who Marcel often questioned her about, probing for information to pass back to the French government. She then was with Martello Paz, and who Valence began to hear Paz speak of a man named Beltran, Marcel became incredibly interested. However, two days before the events of Storm Force, Marcel became worried and at one of their meetings gave Valence the number for CTU to contact in case of emergency. He left, and she found him dead several hours later in his apartment.

Valence contacted CTU 24 hours before the events of Storm Force through a phone specifically set up for tips and information from the public. She informed them of her knowledge of Hector Beltran, a man CTU was trying to track down. She sounded jumpy on the phone, and she explained that she feared for her life.

Storm Force[]

Jack Bauer and Pete Malo observed her apartment for several hours whilst she entertained one of her customers, Colonel Paz. After the man left her apartment some men tried to assassinate him. Whilst Paz was saved with the help of the CTU agents Valence fled the scene, worried for her safety, as she suspected that Paz would think that she called CTU so they could take him in. Jack searched her apartment but found nothing that could lead him to Valence. He set off in the CTU vehicle to look for her whilst Malo stayed to advise the police on the massacre that had occurred in fron of the apartment in the attempted assassination of Colonel Paz.

She was caught on a security camera at 7:00 a.m. in the Sheldon Street neighbourhood, a labirynth of steets where it would be impossible to track someone. She was later found at the house of Alain Marcel by Floyd Dooley and his partner Buck Buttrick. She was taken back to CTU Gulf Coast Regional Centre for questioning.

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