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Vincent Cardiff was a source of Tony Almeida's who informed him of the impending attack on the White House during Day 7.

Day 7Edit

Tony Almeida met up with Jack Bauer at 5:56pm near the United States Capitol to alert him of an impending attack. During that conversation, Tony mentioned that the source was part of David Emerson's crew but did not specifically name him. Hours later, when Jack was being debriefed by FBI Agent Mizelli, "Vincent Cardiff" was revealed to be the name of Tony's source, who had a direct line of communication with the Juma regime in Sangala. Jack was asked whether he personally spoke to the suspect, and Jack said the source did not survive Tony Almeida's interrogation based on Tony's comment that "it wasn't easy getting the information out of him."

Mizelli began investigating records and discovered that Vincent Cardiff was arrested just an hour earlier by Customs while trying to cross the border into Canada. Jack asked if there was any signs of physical abuse on Cardiff, to which Mizelli replied "nothing was indicated on the report". Realizing that he had been lied to, Jack confronted Tony and pulled a gun on him demanding an explanation. Tony admitted he lied about the death as part of the deal he made with Cardiff which would allow him to disappear in return for the information. Tony insisted the source didn't matter and that without the info, Jack wouldn't have been able to save the President at the White House. (This subsequently aroused Jack's suspicion that Tony had double-crossed him.)(Day 7: 2:00am-3:00am)

Background information and notes Edit

  • The mugshot seen of Cardiff is actually Jon Cassar, director and executive producer of 24.
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