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The WET list

The Western European Terrorist (WET) List was an NSA-curated list of terrorist operatives in western Europe who were being tracked by the authorities of the United States of America.

During Day 5, agents at CTU discovered that Collette Stenger, an important collaborator of Vladimir Bierko (their main target) was being covertly followed by German intelligence agent Theo Stoller. Jack Bauer, without permission from his superiors, promised Stoller the entire WET List in exchange for his help in apprehending Stenger. Bauer then had Chloe O'Brian steal the list from the NSA's mainframe and send it to his PDA. Theo, who knew some names that were expected to be on the list, reviewed it for a moment and was satisified it was authentic.

Once Stenger was apprehended, Bauer gave Theo a computer chip with the List. However, this copy was destroyed because Jack had rigged the chip to self-destruct, before Theo could upload it to Heinrich, his superior in Germany. Jack called Stoller to apologize, promising that he would help him rebuild his investigation, but Stoller, furious, said he couldn't trust Jack's word anymore. ("Day 5: 8:00pm-9:00pm")


Name Alias Address
Andrew Tudor Andy Tudor, Anderson Thrydor 100 Hills Road, Cambridge, UK
Jeffrey Newton Jerry Newcomb, JR Went 56 Gurrum, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Olivier Benamou Le Moux 194 Blvd. Malesherbez, Paris, France
Anthony Johnston Tony Jones, Antonio Jones 196 Atterdag, Copenhagen, Denmark
Sara Jinkoramnian Sara Jinkor, Sarah Ramus 1357 Lamp Street, London, UK
Kurt Lesker Curt Lestner, KJ Les 354 Druid Ter., York, UK
Harold Filleran Harry Finner 285 Wittley St, Dublin, Ireland
Bernard Valet Le Touche, Bernard Hyatt 4 Chemie De L'Hermitage, Antibes, France
Martin Kail Marty Kain, Matin Kaimer 410 Abbeyville Rd, Bethel, Scotland
Jens Skulspiler Jens Skulerun, Peder Jensen 6 Dunston Rd, Skagen, Denmark
Alesandro Guissepe Alesandro Marcona 3455 Lingorno Bl, Venice, Italy
Holt Gunter Holt Gustave 685 Tivoli St, Heidelberg, Germany
Francis Ferdinand Francis Orande, Frances Olram 16 Blvd Murat, Paris, France
William Koch Bill Kochern, Will Kinders 455 Hero Bl, Geneva, Switzerland
Hugo Riveras Hugo Rivera, Hugo Lalos 843 Hastingsmill Via, Seville, Spain
Melisa Jesper Mariana Jones, Mara Johnson 6548 Swindon Rd, Zurich, Switzerland
Angelo Spartakas Angelo Spratin, Angel Spartok 851 Adamst Ter, Vorarlberg, Austria
Higgy Philwippit Hig Phillips, Guy Whippit 137 Kilnaron St, Valletta, Malta

Background information and notes[]

  • The real National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) maintains a list of known and suspected terrorists as well as people who allegedly aid them. The list is officially called the Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment (TIDE) list. The TIDE list comprises over 540,000 names, but due to aliases and "name variants", there is an estimated 450,000 different identities. U.S. residents (including citizens and permanent legal residents) only hold less than 5 percent of the spaces on the TIDE list. This database is a shared knowledge database compiled from reports supplied by 16 different agencies including the CIA, the FBI and the National Security Agency (NSA). The NSA is a key provider of information for the TIDE list.