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Washington Center Station was a subway station in Washington, D.C. It was the last stop on its line.

Day 7 Edit

Tony Almeida forced Jibraan Al-Zarian to go to the Washington Center Station, where Cara Bowden would hand him the prion variant canister, for him to serve as courier. Almeida and Bowden planned to detonate the canister in the busy morning hours where the subway was more crowded.

When Jack Bauer and Renee Walker captured Tony, Jack contacted Jibraan through his comm earpiece and told him about the canister. After Jibraan found it on a bag under the seats, he realized the canister was about to detonate. Jibraan ran with the bag and when a police officer tried to stop him, he took the canister out and screamed that he had a bomb. As people ran away from him, he managed to get upstairs where Jack had just arrived. Jack took the canister and threw it in a CDC sealed truck where it detonated safely.

Background information and notes Edit

  • The Los Angeles Metro subway/light rail system was used as filming for the Washington Metro subway scenes. Absent from the station where Jibraan Al-Zarian frantically runs out with the bomb are platform floor next train arrival light indicators, commonly used in all Washington Metro stations.
  • There is no Metro station with the name "Washington Center"; there is a Metro Center station on the red line, but contrary to the show's dialogue, it isn't the last stop on any rail line. Additionally, the Washington Metrorail system does not utilize station booth agents at any station (all stations use vending machines).

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