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The Washington Field Office was the base of operations for the FBI during Day 7 and The Rookie.

Before Day 7[]

The agents at the D.C. Field Office investigated a series of technology thefts headed by Tony Almeida, who had been assumed dead prior to these crimes. Using a vast fortune from blood diamonds, Iké Dubaku planted at least three moles in the Office: Lennert, Sean Hillinger, and Erika.

Day 7[]

On Day 7, Renee Walker subpoenaed Jack Bauer to assist the FBI in their investigation into some major technology thefts: their prime suspect was Tony Almeida, Jack's old CTU partner. Jack assisted Walker, Larry Moss, and the others, but after Almeida was captured, he learned about Almeida's motives and helped Tony escape.

The agents at the Field Office worked to foil the threats posed by Iké Dubaku and Benjamin Juma. Jack Bauer also sought evidence to turn their attention to the newly-discovered Starkwood conspiracy as well.

Just before 4:00am, President Allison Taylor had the FBI install the decommissioned CTU servers at the Washington Field Office as a way of uncovering whom Tony Almeida planned to implicate in his planned terrorist attack using the prion variant.

Jonas Hodges was also transferred to the medical unit at the building after his suicide attempt.

The agents also averted a crisis involving a planned release of the prion variant at Washington Center Station, as well as the capture of Tony Almeida and Alan Wilson around 7:22am. Wilson and Almeida were both taken back to the field office.

Agents & employees[]