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Wasim was a general in the military of the Islamic Republic of Kamistan, and a member of the splinter cell, during Day 8.

Before Day 8 Edit

General Wasim supported Farhad Hassan — the brother of Kamistani president Omar Hassan — and several others, including General Amiri, in a plot to overthrow Omar and obtain nuclear fuel rods for their country.

Day 8 Edit

During Day 8, President Hassan was rescued from an assassination attempt outside the United Nations, and later discovered that it was his brother Farhad who was supporting a military coup at home. Wasim, in Kamistan at the time, saw the news of his fellow conspirators being rounded up by the president's security forces (shortly before 8pm EST). Wasim found General Amiri's arrest particularly disturbing, and reported the news to Farhad after his soldier Farrin handed him the call. Farhad, however, was not discouraged by the arrests, and assured Wasim that their conspiracy was not unraveled by these developments.

Sometime shortly before 11:15pm, Wasim called Samir Mehran, Farhad's primary lieutenant, to inform him of a new spate of arrests among their splinter cell members within the IRK military. A few minutes later, Samir told Farhad about the general's call. Farhad was angry that Wasim did not phone him directly, and Samir surmised that it was because the general might be losing confidence in Farhad's ability to obtain the rods. Farhad attempted to reassert control, and promised he would fulfill his role before a critical mass of their military supporters were arrested. (Soon, however, Farhad would be usurped by Samir, who masterminded a different use for the rods: the threat of a radiological attack on New York City.)

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