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This article's subject relates to Season 3 of 24.This is a production article written from an out-of-universe perspective

This article lists weapons seen in Season 3 of 24.


Beretta 8000[]

Main section: Beretta 8000
Image Episode(s) Description
3x22 Beretta Cougar.jpg "9:00am-10:00am"
Kevin had a Beretta 8000 Cougar pistol which he pointed at Michelle Dessler when she was talking to her husband in captivity. After she got out of her room, she hit Kevin with a brick and took the gun. However, Jack Bauer ordered her to give herself up, so she threw the pistol into the bushes.

Beretta 92[]

Main section: Beretta 92
Image Episode(s) Description
3x02 Beretta.jpg "2:00pm-3:00pm" Ed carried a Beretta 92 in his belt, but Chase Edmunds retrieved it from him and threw it onto the floor.
3x02 Beretta 2.jpg "2:00pm-3:00pm" After running away from the gunfight, Zach Parker got rid of his shotgun and started firing at Jack Bauer with a Beretta 92. After he was shot he reached for the gun, but Jack fired warning shots and picked up the gun himself, before interrogating Parker.
3x03 Beretta.jpg "3:00pm-4:00pm"
David Gomez carried a Beretta 92, which he used to shoot Tony Almeida in the neck. He held Singer at gunpoint during the drive to the warehouse, as seen by Kim Bauer when she examined the traffic cameras. Later he used it to take Kyle Singer into containment at gunpoint, and kept it on his table while guarding the boy.
3x05 Beretta.jpg

3x07 Beretta.jpg
Peel took a Beretta off one of his fellow prisoners, and shot one of the riot guards with it. He kept it while making the guards play Russian roulette, before he was shot by Jack. Jack then took the gun from him and kept it while escaping the prison. He held Ramon Salazar at gunpoint with the weapon while walking through the parking lot and getting into the helicopter. When the pair arrived at Santa Margarita Airstrip, Ramon took it out of Jack's trousers and held him at gunpoint. He was about to shoot Jack with it when he was informed that he had to keep him alive. During the flight, he held the gun and went to kill Jack again, but Jack disarmed him and held him at gunpoint with a SW99.
3x07 Beretta 2.jpg "3:00pm-4:00pm"
The CTU security guards carried Berettas as their sidearms. When Gael Ortega tried to escape CTU, he made a guard drop his gun before 4 more appeared, pointing their guns at him.
3x11 Beretta.jpg

3x14 Beretta.jpg
Cale carried a Beretta 92, which he drew in order to kill Jack Bauer on Nina Myers' request. He accompanied Nina to the Mexican church and drew the weapon when he heard a noise in the bushes - Jack then jumped out and disarmed him, using the gun to shoot Nina's three other bodyguards. Jack held her at gunpoint, but she hit him with her briefcase and took the gun. She then shot Cale with it, and kept it until Jack broke from his chair and took the weapon back. He gave it to Ramon Salazar, who used it to threaten Nina Myers as well as shoot his brother Hector. Ramon later pulled the weapon on Jack and was about to shoot him before Chase sniped him in the shoulder, causing him to drop the gun. Jack picked it up and pursued Ramon, holding him at gunpoint before he was killed by Amador's bomb. Jack kept the gun, capturing Nina with it and using it on the plane to threaten the pilot. He retained the gun after returning to CTU and being interviewed, drawing it again when the alarms went off. He shot Nina in the arm with it to save Kim, then shot her several more times to kill her as she lay on the floor. He then handed it into another agent and told them to take it to ballistics.
3x10 Beretta.jpg "10:00pm-11:00pm" One of Hector Salazar's men fired a Beretta 92 pistol at Chase Edmunds as he escaped, possibly hitting Claudia Hernandez with it.
3x10 Beretta 2.jpg "10:00pm-11:00pm" Two others of Nina's men carried Beretta 92 pistols - the first and third men shot by Jack at the church.
3x11 Beretta 2.jpg "11:00pm-12:00am" Luis had a Beretta 92 when he investigated the truck containing Claudia Hernandez's body.
3x12 Beretta.jpg "12:00am-1:00am" One of Ramon Salazar's men at the mine fired a Beretta 92 before being sniped by Chase.
3x15 Beretta.jpg "3:00am-4:00am" Michael Amador had a Beretta 92 at the Go parlour which he used to kill lieutenant Jim Wong. After he was apprehended, Jack picked the gun up off his table.
SaundersUnnamedMerc.jpg "7:00am-8:00am" Saunders' mercenary carried a Beretta 92 which he pointed at Jack when retrieving Ryan Chappelle's body.
3x22 Beretta.jpg "8:00am-9:00am"
Stephen Saunders had a Beretta 92 in a holster fixed under his desk, which he drew and used to kill Osterlind. Later, when Michelle Dessler escaped, he drew the gun when searching for her. He also took the gun to the hostage exchange, firing at Jack Bauer with it before he was captured.
3x22 Beretta Inox.jpg "10:00am-11:00am"
Tony Almeida took a Beretta 92 Inox with him when he left CTU with Jane Saunders, and drew the weapon when Jack Bauer stopped him. Jack took the gun from him, but gave it back before the hostage exchange. Once Stephen Saunders revealed his presence, Tony fired at his men, killing Frederick. After Saunders was captured, he handed the gun to Agent Liles.

Colt MK IV Series 80[]

Main section: Colt MK IV Series 80
Image Episode(s) Description
3x04 Colt.jpg "4:00pm-5:00pm" Hector Salazar had a pair of stainless steel engraved Colt MK IV Series 80 pistols with pearl grips in a box at his home. Sergio took one to play with, so Hector showed him how to shoot it. Claudia then discovered them and grabbed the pistol, aiming it at Hector angrily.

Glock 17[]

Main section: Glock 17
Image Episode(s) Description
3x07 Glock.jpg "6:00pm-7:00pm"
Tomas had a Glock 17 in his shoulder holster while boarding and riding the plane with Ramon Salazar. Ramon took the gun in order to kill Jack, but Tomas talked him out of it and took it back. When Jack Bauer took Ramon hostage, Tomas drew the gun on him but was told to drop it.

Glock 19[]

Main section: Glock 19
Image Episode(s) Description
3x04 Glock.jpg

3x10 Glock 2.jpg
Hector Salazar carried a Glock 19 in his house, which he drew when he found one of his stainless Colt pistols missing. He tucked the gun into his belt when he found out it was only Sergio playing. Later he drew the gun on Tomas when Ramon didn't come out of the plane. Once Ramon was home, Hector gave him the gun and asked if he still wanted to kill Jack Bauer. When Ramon shot the gun, Hector pushed it out of the way and took it back. Later Hector drew the gun to kill Jack after the auction, but Jack talked his way out of death. Hector then fired the gun at Chase Edmunds as he escaped from the Salazars, possibly hitting Claudia with his fire.
3x10 Glock.jpg "10:00pm-11:00pm" One of Nina Myers's men, the second shot by Jack at the church, carried a Glock 19.
3x14 Glock.jpg "2:00am-3:00am"
The CTU agents guarding Nina Myers carried Glock 19s in their shoulder holsters, and when she escaped she took one off their dead bodies. She tried to shoot Kim Bauer with it but Jack disarmed her by shooting her arm. She tried to reach for the weapon but Jack shot and killed her.
3x16 Glock.jpg "3:00am-4:00am"
Michelle Dessler took a Glock 19 with her when she went to the Chandler Plaza Hotel. She drew the weapon on Marcus Alvers, arresting him with it. She then later fired shots into the air to control the crowd of guests, before shooting Danny in the back with it. She fired more shots to calm the crowd after this.
3x17 Glock.jpg "5:00am-6:00am" A security guard at MI6 had a Glock 19 which Jack and Chase found next to his dead body. Trevor Tomlinson carried a similar gun in his waist holster.
3x23 Glock.jpg "11:00am-12:00pm" The CTU agents at the Subway station who apprehended the innocent passenger had Glock 19s.
3x24 Glock.jpg "12:00pm-1:00pm" Gael Ortega had a Glock pistol among his belongings, which his wife Theresa used to shoot and kill Stephen Saunders.

Glock 26[]

Main section: Glock 26
Image Episode(s) Description
JacksGlocktoKim.jpg "7:00am-8:00am" Jack Bauer gave his daughter Kim a Glock 26 for her undercover operation in Santa Barbara. She pulled the gun when captured by Lennox, and after a brief struggle shot and killed him with it.

Heckler & Koch USP[]

Main section: Heckler & Koch USP
Image Episode(s) Description
3x02 USP.jpg "1:00pm-2:00pm"
During the day, Jack Bauer's primary weapon was the HK USP compact. He was given it back by the guards at Downey Holding Facility after visiting Ramon Salazar, and kept it in his holster while at CTU. He then used it during the raid of Zach Parker's apartment. Later he handed it in when returning to Downey prison, and got it back from security just before the prison alarms went off. He then staged a struggle for the gun with himself and Salazar, and dropped the gun before knocking out two riot guards.
3x02 USP 2.jpg "2:00pm-3:00pm"
During a deleted scene, a man in Zach Parker's apartment held a woman hostage with a HK USP.
3x05 USP.jpg "5:00pm-6:00pm" Two of the CTU agents who rescued Kyle Singer had USPs, which they fired at Salazar's men guarding the warehouse.
3x07 USP.jpg "7:00pm-8:00pm" Tomas's man on the plane carried a HK USP which he drew when Ramon was taken hostage, but lowered it when ordered to by Jack.
3x10 USP.jpg "10:00pm-11:00pm"
Eduardo had a HK USP compact on his table when torturing Chase Edmunds - after Eduardo was killed, Chase had Claudia Hernandez pass him the weapon. When escaping, Chase shot two guards with the gun, and kept it until he was rescued by a Delta Team.
3x18 USP 3.jpg

3x20 USP.jpg

3x22 USP.jpg
After killing Nina Myers, Jack went up to his office to change and equip himself with another HK USP compact. He took the gun when raiding Michael Amador's Go parlour as well as drawing it when Amador was blown up by Stephen Saunders' bomb. He later used the gun when invading Diana White's house, and drew the weapon again at MI6 headquarters, killing Pach and Young with it. He later gave the gun to Ryan Chappelle so he could take his own life, but took it back and shot Ryan in the head. He pointed the gun at the men who collected Saunders' body, and later took it to Santa Barbara, where he pointed it at Lennox who was fighting with Kim. Jack then had the gun when he went to 21904 Collins and staked out the building, and also took it back to CTU where he broke into Tech 1 and pointed it at Chloe O'Brian. He took the gun when pursuing Tony Almeida, pointing it when he found him. He then used the gun when chasing Stephen Saunders, firing several warning shots at the terrorist. He drew the gun again when apprehending a man at the subway, before finally drawing it at the middle school, and using it to kill Arthur Rabens.
3x18 USP.jpg "6:00am-7:00am" The CTU agent riding in the road sweeper during the raid on Saunders' "switching node" building fired a suppressed HK USP compact, killing the first of the sentries there.
3x18 USP 2.jpg "6:00am-7:00am" Both Graves and Martinez carried suppressed USP compacts during the raid on Saunders' building.

Raven Arms MP25[]

Main section: Raven Arms MP25
Image Episode(s) Description
3x07 MP25.jpg "6:00pm-7:00pm"
Gael Ortega pulled a nickel plated Raven Arms MP25 on Kim Bauer in Tech 1 to stop her calling for help. He then escaped CTU with the pistol, pointing it at Michelle Dessler, but dropped it when he realized he was outnumbered. Later it was among his possessions when he was being interrogated.

SIG Pro SP 2009[]

Main section: SIG Pro SP 2009
Image Episode(s) Description
3x22 SIG pro.jpg "9:00am-10:00am"
Frederick carried a SIG Pro SP 2009 pistol. He drew the gun when searching for Michelle Dessler after she escaped, and also to hold Michelle and gunpoint during the hostage exchange. He fired the gun at the CTU troops, but was killed by Tony Almeida.

SIG Sauer P228[]

Main section: SIG Sauer P228
Image Episode(s) Description
3x02 SIG.jpg "2:00pm-3:00pm" One of the men in Zach Parker's apartment fired a SIG Sauer P228, before being shot by Chase Edmunds.
3x03 P228.jpg "3:00pm-4:00pm" The agent that broke down Sam Singer's door pointed a SIG Sauer P228 at him.
3x08 P228.jpg "8:00pm-9:00pm" Ramon Salazar picked up a SIG Sauer P228 at his home after approving his brother's plan, and tucked it into his belt. It was not seen again after that.

Smith & Wesson 3913LS[]

Main section: Smith & Wesson 3913LS
Image Episode(s) Description
3x17 S&W 3913.jpg "5:00am-6:00am" Diana White had a S&W 3913LS which she fired at Jack Bauer in her home. Chase Edmunds disarmed her, and inspected the gun while Diana got dressed.

Smith & Wesson 4006[]

Main section: Smith & Wesson 4006
Image Episode(s) Description
3x02 SW 4006.jpg "2:00pm-3:00pm"
Chase Edmunds's weapon of choice during the day was a Smith & Wesson 4006. He used it during the raid on Zach Parker's apartment. Later he handed it into security when visiting Downey Holding Facility, and during the riot a prison guard gave it back to him. Later he used it to threaten Simon Cullens at his home, and also to hold Rafael Gutierrez at gunpoint. He lost it when captured by Salazar's men.
3x18 S&W 4006.jpg

3x24 SW4006.jpg
Chase got another S&W 4006 after arriving back at CTU from Mexico. He used the gun during the raid on Michael Amador's Go parlour as well as drawing it when Amador was killed by a bomb. He used the gun again at MI6 headquarters, firing at the helicopter as well as Pach and Young with it. He also used the weapon during the raid of Saunders' empty building. When raiding 21904 Collins, he also used the weapon without the silencer, but again found the building empty. He next used the gun at the hostage exchange and shootout with Saunders' men. He also drew it when apprehending a man in the subway, and finally when looking for Arthur Rabens at the middle school. Rabens took the gun from Chase, and was about to kill him with it when he was shot by Jack Bauer.

Smith & Wesson 4506[]

Main section: Smith & Wesson 4506
Image Episode(s) Description
3x07 S&W 5906.jpg "7:00pm-8:00pm" One of Hector Salazar's men at the Mexican airstrip pointed a S&W 4506 at Jack.
3x08 S&W.jpg "8:00pm-9:00pm" Another of Hector Salazar's men had a 4506 when kidnapping Chase Edmunds.

Smith & Wesson 5904[]

Main section: Smith & Wesson 5904
Image Episode(s) Description
3x06 S&W.jpg "6:00pm-7:00pm" Pedro and his partner carried S&W 5904 pistols when capturing Jack Bauer at Santa Margarita Airstrip. Pedro tucked his into the back of his belt before boarding the plane, but by the next episode it had changed into a SW99.
3x14 S&W 5904.jpg "2:00am-3:00am" A CTU guard killed by Nina Myers had a S&W 5904 in his waist holster, which Kim Bauer took off his body. She threatened Nina with the gun, before her father appeared and told her he would handle the situation.

Smith & Wesson Model 15[]

Main section: Model 15
Image Episode(s) Description
3x23 S&W.jpg "11:00am-12:00pm" Julia Milliken used a S&W Model 15 to kill Sherry Palmer and then shoot herself in the head.

Smith & Wesson Model 19[]

Main section: Model 19
Image Episode(s) Description
3x05 S&W 2.jpg "5:00pm-6:00pm" One of the prisoners in the laundry room had a Smith & Wesson model 19 revolver.
3x12 S&W.jpg "12:00am-1:00am" Kevin Kelly had a S&W Model 19 in his trailer, but it was gone after he mysteriously disappeared.

Smith & Wesson Model 66[]

Main section: Smith & Wesson Model 66
Image Episode(s) Description
3x05 S&W.jpg "5:00pm-6:00pm" Peel forced Buchanan, Jack Bauer and Ramon Salazar to play Russian roulette with a Smith & Wesson Model 66 revolver.

Smith & Wesson SW1911[]

Main section: Smith & Wesson SW1911
Image Episode(s) Description
3x13 SW1911.jpg "1:00am-2:00am" Nina Myers took a Smith & Wesson SW1911 pistol from a Delta Force soldier she killed in Mexico and threatened Chase Edmunds with it. She lost the gun when Jack Bauer crept up and disarmed her.

Smith & Wesson SW99[]

Main section: Smith & Wesson SW99
Image Episode(s) Description
3x07 SW99.jpg "7:00pm-8:00pm" Pedro's gun changed from a S&W 5604 to a SW99 in episode 7, when Jack Bauer killed him and took the weapon from him. He used it to take Ramon Salazar hostage until they landed, where he gave it to Hector Salazar, who tucked it into his belt.
3x12 SW99.jpg "12:00am-1:00am"
Chase Edmunds drew an SW99 to pursue Ramon Salazar at the mine near Posta Mita. He also used the gun when searching for Nina Myers, but she found him and made him drop it. When rescued by Jack, he picked up the gun again. On the way back to Los Angeles, he transferred the gun to his shoulder holster, and kept it on when he went back to CTU. He took the holster and gun off after arriving back at the building.
3x19 SW99.jpg "7:00am-8:00am" Lennox carried a SW99 which he drew on Kim Bauer when he discovered she was posing as Jane Saunders. He lost the gun when Kim knocked it out of his hands, and he was shot soon afterwards by Kim's Glock 26.
3x20 SW99.jpg "8:00am-9:00am"
For the raid on 21904 Collins, agent Tom Baker swapped his Walther P99 for the cheaper SW99, a copy of the Walther gun.

Walther P99[]

Main section: Walther P99
Image Episode(s) Description
3x15 P99.jpg "3:00am-4:00am" Amador's guard carried a Walther P99 which he used when he discovered Jim Wong at the Go parlour.
3x18 P99.jpg "6:00am-7:00am" Tom Baker used a suppressed Walther P99 during the raid of Stephen Saunders' building containing his switching node.

Walther PP[]

Main section: Walther PP
Image Episode(s) Description
3x08 PPKS.jpg "7:00pm-8:00pm"
Ted Packard had a stainless steel imported Interarms copy of a Walther PPK/S pistol. He used it to shoot himself in the head in front of his ex-wife Anne.
3x08 PPK.jpg "8:00pm-9:00pm" When testing Jack Bauer, Ramon Salazar got a copy of a Walther PPK out of a box and made him shoot Chase Edmunds with it. The gun was actually empty, so Ramon took it back.
3x10 PPK.jpg "10:00pm-11:00pm" Nina Myers had a stainless PPK which she loaded when she heard Jack Bauer outside the church she was in - but she dropped it when he caught her at gunpoint.
3x16 PPK.jpg "4:00am-5:00am" Bruce Margolis took a Walther PPK from a drawer at the Chandler Plaza Hotel and pointed it at Michelle Dessler when he was trying to leave. She talked him out of leaving and took the gun from him.


AK variant[]

Main section: AK variant
Image Episode(s) Description
3x07 AK.jpg "7:00pm-8:00pm" One of Salazar's men loaded a Norinco Type 84 rifle without stock, and later brandished it at the Mexican airstrip.
3x07 AK 2.jpg "7:00pm-8:00pm" Two more of Salazar's men had Norinco Type 56 rifles, which they loaded up at his ranch and had at the airstrip when Ramon's plane landed.
3x08 AK.jpg "8:00pm-9:00pm" Salazar's men that kidnapped Chase Edmunds had Norinco 56 rifles. One of them wielded the gun after bringing Chase to the Salazar ranch.
3x09 AK 3.jpg "9:00pm-10:00pm"
A sentry at Salazar's safe house (played by Robert Alonzo) carried a Norinco Type 56.
3x09 AK.jpg "9:00pm-10:00pm" One of Michael Amador's men carried a Norinco 56, which he pointed at the Salazars and Nina Myers' men.
3x09 AK 2.jpg "9:00pm-10:00pm"
Emilio carried a Norinco Type 56, which Claudia used to knock him out.
3x11 AK.jpg "11:00pm-12:00am"
One of Hector Salazar's men carried a Norinco Type 56. He carried while Hector found Claudia's body, he stood guard outside the Mexican church, and also outside the barn as Hector was killed. He carried the gun when at the mine guarding Nina Myers.
3x12 AK.jpg "11:00pm-12:00am"
Another of Hector's men had a Norinco 56 when standing guard outside the barn where Hector was killed.
3x12 AK 6.jpg "12:00am-1:00am" After arriving at the mine, Pablo equipped himself with an AK without stock. He carried the gun when investigating the hills, but lost it when Chase Edmunds knocked him out.
3x12 AK 3.jpg "12:00am-1:00am" One of Ramon Salazar's men (played by Robert Alonzo) had a Norinco 56 which Jack knocked to one side before stabbing him.
3x12 AK 2.jpg "12:00am-1:00am" Another of Ramon's men fired a Norinco 56 at Chase in the hills, but Jack threw a knife at him and killed him.
3x12 AK 5.jpg "12:00am-1:00am" The two men who were killed by the helicopter's first rocket carried AK rifles.
3x12 AKMSU.jpg "12:00am-1:00am" One of the men killed by the humvees had an AKMSU.
3x12 AK 4.jpg "12:00am-1:00am" The two men killed by the helicopter's second rocket had AKs, as well as the other man killed by the humvees.

Colt M4A1[]

Main section: Colt M4A1
Image Episode(s) Description
3x11 M4A1.jpg "11:00pm-12:00am" The Delta Force commandos carried Colt M4A1 rifles when evacuating Chase Edmunds, as well as at their mobile command post.
3x12 M4A1.jpg "12:00am-1:00am" The Delta Force commandos who arrived at the mine near Posta Mita fired Colt M4A1 rifles at Salazar's men. They also carried the rifles when scouting through the hills around the mine.
3x12 M4A1 2.jpg "12:00am-1:00am" Captain Reiss and the rest of his Delta-3 unit carried M4A1 rifles which they used to hold Michael Amador at gunpoint.
3x14 M4A1.jpg "1:00am-2:00am"
The Delta Force soldiers at the Mexican airbase, on the plane and at Point Mugu Naval Air Station had M4A1 rifles.
3x20 M4A1.jpg "8:00am-9:00am"
Most of the CTU troops who staked out 21904 Collins were armed with Colt M4A1 rifles.
3x22 M4A1.jpg "10:00am-11:00am"
All of the CTU troops at the hostage exchange and kidnap of Stephen Saunders carried M4A1s.
3x23 M4A1.jpg "11:00am-12:00pm" The CTU agents outside the Chandler Plaza Hotel had Colt M4A1 rifles. Additionally, all of the agents securing the virus vials across the country used the same weapon.

Heckler & Koch SR9[]

Main section: Heckler & Koch SR9
Image Episode(s) Description
Felipe.jpg "12:00am-1:00am" Felipe armed himself with an HK SR9(T) before exploring the tree line around the mine.


Main section: M14
Image Episode(s) Description
3x12 M14.jpg "11:00pm-12:00am"
Chase Edmunds was given an M14 DMR by Delta Force, and used it to scope out the mine where the virus exchange happened. He killed Luis and another of Salazar's men with it.

Remington 700[]

Main section: Remington 700
Image Episode(s) Description
3x07 Remington.jpg "7:00pm-8:00pm" When loading up guns before going to the Mexican airstrip, one of Salazar's men was seen carrying a Remington rifle with wooden stock.
Felipe.jpg "12:00am-1:00am" A Remington rifle was seen being passed between Salazar's men behind Felipe and his SR9(T). It was presumably used by one of the "snipers in the hills" Ramon told Nina about.
3x20 Remington.jpg "8:00am-9:00am"
The CTU snipers staking out 21904 Collins had Remington 700PSS rifles.


Mossberg 500[]

Main section: Mossberg 500
Image Episode(s) Description
3x02 Mossberg.jpg "2:00pm-3:00pm" Zach Parker fired at Chase Edmunds and Jack Bauer with a Mossberg 500 Mariner with a pistol grip during the raid on his apartment.
3x04 shotguns.jpg "4:00pm-5:00pm"
The riot guards of Downey Holding Facility picked up Mossberg 500 shotguns from a rack when responding to the prison riot. Some prisoners took these guns off them for use themselves. LAPD officers outside the prison also carried these shotguns.
3x05 shotgun 2.jpg "5:00pm-6:00pm" One of the prisoners (played by John Meier) had a Mossberg 500 shotgun which Ramon Salazar took off him during the laundry room firefight. While waiting by the building's exit, Jack took the shotgun from Ramon and left it inside.
3x07 shotgun.jpg "7:00pm-8:00pm" Hector Salazar's men loaded a Mossberg 500 shotgun when leaving his ranch. At the Mexican airstrip, one of his men pointed it at the plane.

Remington 870[]

Main section: Remington 870
Image Episode(s) Description
3x01 shotgun.jpg "1:00pm-2:00pm" A guard in the parking lot of Downey Holding Facility had a Remington shotgun.
Jack shotgun3.jpg "2:00pm-3:00pm" In episode 2 Jack took a Remington 870 out of a CTU arms cabinet and took it to his car. However, he never used it when he arrived at his destination.
3x05 shotgun 4.jpg "4:00pm-5:00pm"
After the riot started, Chase Edmunds got a Remington 870 shotgun. He fired it at Peel and the other prisoners, and kept it with him while tracking Jack through the prison. He then gave it back to a prison guard in exchange for his S&W 4006.
3x05 shotgun.jpg "5:00pm-6:00pm" Peel armed himself with a Remington 870 which he used to hold off guards with. In the laundry room he swapped it with another prisoner for a Beretta.
3x05 shotgun 3.jpg "5:00pm-6:00pm" One of the CTU agents who rescued Kyle Singer had a Remington 870 shotgun.

Submachine guns[]

Cobray M-11[]

Main section: Cobray M-11
Image Episode(s) Description
3x17 M11.jpg "5:00am-6:00am" Pach carried a Cobray M-11 when invading MI6 headquarters.

Heckler & Koch MP5[]

Main section: Heckler & Koch MP5
Image Episode(s) Description
3x05 MP5 2.jpg "5:00pm-6:00pm" The SWAT agents who raided the laundry room of Downey Holding Facility, as well as waited in the parking lot, carried Heckler & Koch MP5A2s.
3x05 MP5.jpg "5:00pm-6:00pm" Chase Edmunds armed himself with a MP5A2 when breaking into the laundry room, and kept it with him until he left the prison.
3x05 MP5 3.jpg "5:00pm-6:00pm" Some of the CTU agents who rescued Kyle Singer used MP5 submachine guns.
3x11 MP5.jpg "9:00pm-10:00pm"
Two of Michael Amador's men had MP5K guns fitted with scopes. They were at the auction in the woods, outside the Mexican church as Amador met Nina Myers, and also present when Amador received delivery of the Cordilla virus.
Amador man 1.jpg "12:00am-1:00am" The two men working for Michael Amador who shot and killed Delta-3 used MP5Ks fitted with scopes.
3x15 MP5.jpg "3:00am-4:00am"
The CTU agents that raided the Go parlour to apprehend Michael Amador carried MP5s fitted with Aimpoint scopes and Surefire 628 weaponlights.
3x17 MP5.jpg "5:00am-6:00am"
The CTU agents who surrounded the Chandler Plaza Hotel had MP5 SMGs fitted with Aimpoint scopes and Surefire 628 weaponlights.
3x20 MP5.jpg "8:00am-9:00am" On the photo of Operation Nightfall, Jack Bauer is holding an MP5.
3x21 MP5.jpg "8:00am-9:00am"
Some of the CTU agents who staked out 21904 Collins were armed with HK MP5s.
3x21 MP5 2.jpg "9:00am-10:00am" A sentry of Stephen Saunders carried an MP5 submachine gun.
3x22 MP5K.jpg "10:00am-11:00am" One of Stephen Saunders' men at the hostage exchange used an MP5K.
3x24 MP5.jpg "11:00am-12:00pm"
The men guarding Stephen Saunders at CTU were armed with MP5s.


Main section: MAC-10
Image Episode(s) Description
3x07 MAC10.jpg "7:00pm-8:00pm" One of Hector Salazar's men at the Mexican airstrip pointed a MAC-10 at the plane.

IMI Uzi[]

Main section: IMI Uzi
Image Episode(s) Description
3x07 Uzi.jpg "7:00pm-8:00pm" Salazar's men loaded full size Uzis into their vehicles when leaving his ranch, and at the airstrip two of his men were armed with them.
3x17 Uzi.jpg "5:00am-6:00am" Young carried a Micro Uzi when invading MI6 headquarters.
3x22 Uzi.jpg "10:00am-11:00am" One of Stephen Saunders' men at the hostage exchange used a Micro Uzi.

Other guns[]

Browning M2[]

Main section: Browning M2
Image Episode(s) Description
3x12 M2.jpg "12:00am-1:00am" One of the humvees that arrived at the mine near Posta Mita had a Browning M2 machine gun mounted on it.
3x12 M2 2.jpg "12:00am-1:00am" One of the Delta Force humvees that cornered Michael Amador also had a Browning M2 attached to it - the gunner shot the gun at Amador's men in the hills, but was killed himself.


Main section: LAU-68
Image Episode(s) Description
3x12 rocket launchers.jpg "12:00am-1:00am" The Delta Force AH-6 helicopter that arrived at the mine near Posta Mita was equipped with two LAU-68D/A 7-tube rocket launchers, which it used to fire two Hydra 70 rockets at Salazar's men.


Main section: M60E3
Image Episode(s) Description
3x17 M60.jpg "5:00am-6:00am" Stephen Saunders' men who attacked the MI6 building with a helicopter fired an M60E3 machine gun through the windows, killing Diana White, Trevor Tomlinson and other staff members.
3x22 M60.jpg "10:00am-11:00am" Two of Saunders' men in the helicopter that came to rescue him from the hostage exchange carried M60E3 machine guns, one of which fired at Jack Bauer to pin him down. These were possibly the same men who attacked the MI6 building, using the same gun.

Ramo RT-37[]

Main section: Ramo RT-37
Image Episode(s) Description
3x21 Ramo RT-37.jpg "9:00am-10:00am" Witt and other CTU troops fired Ramo RT-37 grenade launchers into 21904 Collins to fill it with tear gas.

Sage Control SL-6 rotary launcher[]

Main section: Sage Control SL-6 rotary launcher
Image Episode(s) Description
3x21 SL-6.jpg "9:00am-10:00am" One of the CTU agents fired tear gas cylinders from a Sage Control SL-6 grenade launcher into the windows of 21904 Collins.

Stun gun[]

Main section: Stun gun
Image Episode(s) Description
3x21 stun gun.jpg "9:00am-10:00am" Tony Almeida incapacitated Pete with a stun gun when removing Jane Saunders from CTU Los Angeles.


DKW Sandshark[]

Main section: DKW Sandshark
Image Episode(s) Description
3x20 knife.jpg "8:00am-9:00am" Kevin carried a DKW Sandshark, and almost cut out Michelle Dessler's eye with it before being ordered to stop by Stephen Saunders.
3x21 knife.jpg "9:00am-10:00am" Frederick also used a DKW Sandshark to threaten Michelle, possibly with the same knife that Kevin used.
3x24 knife.jpg "12:00pm-1:00pm" Arthur Rabens had a DKW Sandshark at the subway station which he used to kill two LAPD officers as well as Frank Cassar. Later, he used the knife to slash Chase Edmunds' arm, but lost the weapon in their fight.

Gerber Gator[]

Main section: Gerber Gator
Image Episode(s) Description
3x10 Hector knife.jpg "10:00pm-11:00pm" Hector Salazar used a Gerber Gator point sheath knife with a serrated blade to cut Chase Edmunds down during his torture.

Microtech HALO[]

Main section: Microtech HALO
Image Episode(s) Description
3x12 knife.jpg "12:00am-1:00am" One of Ramon Salazar's men had a Microtech HALO knife in his belt which Jack Bauer took out and stabbed him with. He then killed another of Salazar's men with the knife, before throwing it and killing a third man. The HALO is an automatic OTF knife and would not be carried in a holster when open, as it is shown here.

Piranha Amazon[]

Main section: Piranha Amazon
Image Episode(s) Description
3x17 knife.jpg "5:00am-6:00am" Jack Bauer carried a Piranha Amazon and used it to unscrew the casings in the server room of MI6.

Protech Godson[]

Main section: Protech Godson
Image Episode(s) Description
3x01 knife.jpg "1:00pm-2:00pm" The man who bombed National Health Services at the beginning of the day used a blue handled Protech Godson to cut open the body bag containing David Goss.
3x15 knife.jpg "3:00am-4:00am" Chase Edmunds carried a Protech Godson knife with a blue handle when raiding the Go parlour, and he used it to cut Michael Amador's hand in order to coerce information out of him.



Main section: Bomb
Image Episode(s) Description
3x01 bomb.jpg "1:00pm-2:00pm" A small bomb was fitted to the door of National Health Services, which was detonated to draw attention to the body of David Goss.

C-4 explosive[]

Main section: C-4 explosive
Image Episode(s) Description
3x16 C4.jpg "4:00am-5:00am" Dorman was carrying a briefcase full of C4 explosive which killed him and Michael Amador.
3x17 C4.jpg "5:00am-6:00am" Pach and Young planted C4 explosive in the servers of MI6, which Jack Bauer narrowly avoided getting killed by.

Plastic explosive[]

Main section: Plastic explosive
Image Episode(s) Description
3x05 plastique.jpg "5:00pm-6:00pm" Chase Edmunds blew through a wall at Downey Holding Facility with a lump of plastic explosive wired to a detonator.
3x18 explosive.jpg "6:00am-7:00am" Tom Baker affixed a length of plastic explosive to blow the lock on a door in Stephen Saunders' building. However, all they found through the door was a switching node rather than Saunders himself.

TD Multi-Port Plus flashbang grenade[]

Main section: TD Multi-Port Plus flashbang grenade
Image Episode(s) Description
3x15 flashbang.jpg "3:00am-4:00am" The CTU agents who raided the Go parlour threw a TD Multi-Port Plus flashbang grenade into the room where Michael Amador was, stunning him.

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