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This article's subject relates to Season 5 of 24.This is a production article written from an out-of-universe perspective

This article lists weapons seen in Season 5 of 24.


Beretta 92[]

Main section: Beretta 92
Image Episode(s) Description
5x02 Beretta.jpg "8:00am-9:00am" The LAPD officers, and some of the SWAT team members, at 34012 Wilshire Boulevard carried Beretta 92 pistols when arresting Chloe O'Brian.
5x02 Beretta 2.jpg "8:00am-9:00am"
One of the terrorists in Anton Beresch's C-team, who wore glasses, carried a Beretta 92 during the Ontario Airport siege.
5x04 Beretta 2.jpg "9:00am-10:00am"
Beresch's leiutenant used a Beretta 92 during the siege of Ontario Airport.
5x04 Beretta.jpg "10:00am-11:00am" The gun that Jerry G. Angelo's character used changed from a SIG Sauer P225 to a Beretta 92 briefly after Tony Donno started doubling for him, but changed back once the gunfight started.
5x04 Beretta 3.jpg "10:00am-11:00am" One of the CTU agents who raided Ontario Airport was using a Beretta 92 (a "non gun" version of the weapon).
5x05 Beretta.jpg "11:00am-12:00pm" One of the CTU agents who searched Hangar BB had his Beretta 92 drawn.
5x06 Beretta.jpg "12:00pm-1:00pm" Finn and other Customs and Border Protection agents carried Beretta 92s when searching the container at the Port of Long Beach.
5x07 Beretta.jpg "1:00pm-2:00pm" One of the guards at 22 North Figueroa had a Beretta pistol before being shot by Jack Bauer.
5x08 Beretta.jpg "2:00pm-3:00pm" Polakov had a Beretta 92G Elite 1A that he pointed at Jack Bauer when persuading him to partake in a terrorist attack. He later used the gun to shoot himself in the head.
5x08 Beretta 2.jpg "2:00pm-3:00pm" Curtis Manning had two Beretta 92 pistols in the weapons drawer of his car outside the Sunrise Hills Shopping Mall.
5x10 Beretta.jpg "4:00pm-5:00pm" The CTU guard who took Lynn McGill into custody had a Beretta 92 as his weapon, which he almost drew during a confrontation with Curtis Manning.
5x10 Beretta 2.jpg "4:00pm-5:00pm" Some of the LAPD officers who responded to the motorcade attack carried Beretta pistols.
5x12 Beretta.jpg "6:00pm-7:00pm" Ostroff took a Beretta 92 off a CTU security guard after he killed him and tucked it into the front of his belt. After he was found by Jack Bauer, Ostroff tried to quickly draw the weapon but was shot by Jack.
5x14 Beretta.jpg "8:00pm-9:00pm" Stokes carried a Beretta 92 when investigating Collette Stenger's hotel room.
5x15 Beretta 2.jpg "9:00pm-10:00pm" One of the LAPD officers who broke up the fight between Bierko's men pulled out a Beretta, but the gun was used against him and Bierko's man took the weapon.
5x15 Beretta 3.jpg "9:00pm-10:00pm" Another of Bierko's men had a Beretta pistol, which he used to kill a distribution center worker.
5x15 Beretta.jpg "9:00pm-10:00pm" Vladimir Bierko used a Beretta 92G Elite II pistol at the Wilshire Gas Company, shooting a CTU agent with it before making his escape. He lost the weapon when Jack arrested him.
5x18 Beretta.jpg "12:00am-1:00am" Doug Masters had a Beretta 92 pistol with him at Van Nuys Airfield. Jack Bauer took the weapon off him at gunpoint, but when Henderson's men attacked he gave the gun back to him. Masters was killed, so Jack took the Beretta and used it to shoot a gas tank.
5x21 Beretta.jpg "3:00am-4:00am" The Marine Commander who stopped Curtis Manning after the landing of Flight 520 carried a Beretta 92. Other marines who responded to the plane landing carried this gun also.
5x22 Beretta.jpg "4:00am-5:00am"
Justin Adams had a silenced Beretta 92 which he was going to kill Aaron Pierce with. However, Pierce disarmed him and Martha Logan used the gun to shoot and kill Adams. Pierce then took it, and had it when meeting with Jack Bauer and entering the Navy pilot's changing rooms.
5x22 Beretta 2.jpg "4:00am-5:00am" Lt. Southern took a Beretta 92 out of a locked box when investigating the security of the Natalia, but he was quickly shot by Vladimir Bierko.
5x22 Beretta 3.jpg "4:00am-5:00am"
Bierko's technician was armed with a Beretta pistol when infiltrating the Natalia submarine.
5x23 Beretta.jpg "5:00am-6:00am" Agent McCullough had a Beretta 92 when infiltrating the Natalia.
5x24 Beretta.jpg "6:00am-7:00am" Some of the men who rescued Charles Logan and arrested Jack Bauer carried Beretta 92 pistols.

Colt M1911[]

Main section: Colt M1911
Image Episode(s) Description
5x04 Colt.jpg "8:00am-9:00am"
Anton Beresch used a stainless steel Colt M1911A1 pistol during the attack on Ontario Airport. He used it to kill two hostages, as well as threaten several others (including Jack Bauer). He tried to use the gun to kill himself, but Jack shot it out of his hands, so he killed himself by detonating a nearby explosive vest.
5x21 Colt.jpg "3:00am-4:00am" Charles Logan kept a nickel Colt Commander model 1911 in a box by his desk, and took it out with the intention of committing suicide with the gun. However, a call from Miles Papazian saved him from the act.

CZ 75[]

Main section: CZ 75
Image Episode(s) Description
5x08 CZ75.jpg "10:00am-11:00am"
Komar had a CZ 75B during Day 5, and pulled it on Ivan Erwich in Hangar BB. Later he used it with a silencer to kill Moreno, but Jack Bauer later took the gun from him. Jack had it when evacuating the Sunrise Hills Shopping Mall.
5x09 CZ75.jpg "3:00pm-4:00pm" Bierko's assassin, who killed Alpha 7, used a silenced CZ 75B pistol to shoot him.
5x11 CZ75.jpg "5:00pm-6:00pm" Viktor Grigorin was armed with a CZ 75B pistol, which he tried to draw at Tyler Memorial Hospital before Curtis Manning shot him dead.
5x23 CZ75.jpg "5:00am-6:00am" One of Bierko's henchmen on the Natalia (played by Christopher Leps) had a CZ 75 "Pre B" model handgun. When Jack Bauer got into a fight with him, he used the gun to shoot Vladimir Bierko, and also a gas pipe, before disarming the terrorist.

Glock 17[]

Main section: Glock 17
Image Episode(s) Description
5x05 Glock.jpg

5x14 Glock 2.jpg

5x22 Glock 2.jpg
Curtis Manning had a Glock 17 pistol that he used during the rescue operation at Ontario Airport. He drew the gun when searching Hangar BB at the airport. He later used the gun at 22 North Figueroa and Cal's Bikes. Back at CTU, he threatened to draw the weapon when Lynn McGill tried to have him arrested. He also used the gun at Tyler Memorial Hospital, killing Viktor Grigorin with it. He later used the gun when investigating Collette Stenger's hotel room, and Theo Stoller briefly disarmed him and took the gun. Curtis got it back, and used it when arresting Collette at Van Nuys Airfield. He used it again at the Wilshire Gas Company, at first with a silencer before removing it for the gunfight in the control room. He later used his Glock when rescuing Audrey Raines, and killed Stipes with it. Later he used the gun in the raid of Joseph Malina's apartment.
5x07 Glock 2.jpg "1:00pm-2:00pm" The guard at 22 North Figueroa took a Glock 17 out of a compartment and shot at Curtis and Jack with it. The gun was modified to fire on full auto, with a stainless steel slide and a 33 round magazine.
5x10 Glock.jpg "4:00pm-5:00pm" Some of the LAPD officers who responded to the motorcade attack carried Glock 17s.
5x13 Glock.jpg "7:00pm-8:00pm" Rick Burke had a Glock 17 in his holster when interrogating Christopher Henderson, which Tony Almeida took off him in order to kill Henderson. Jack persuaded him not to, so he held onto the gun until Henderson went into a coma, after which he knocked out Burke with the gun and was about to inject Henderson with Hyoscine-pentothal. Henderson pushed the syringe into Tony and took the gun, before escaping from CTU.
5x22 Glock.jpg "4:00am-5:00am" Joseph Malina had a Glock 17 with a stainless steel slide and a 33 round magazine, modified to fire on full auto, hidden under his desk. He drew the weapon and fired at CTU troops with it, hitting Curtis Manning in the shoulder, before Jack Bauer shot him in the hip.

Glock 19[]

Main section: Glock 19
Image Episode(s) Description
5x01 Glock.jpg "7:00am-8:00am" Jack Bauer kept a Glock 19 under his sofa cushions in his house in Mojave. He drew the gun when Diane Huxley knocked on his door at the beginning of Day 5, but hid it. When he went to Los Angeles he took the gun, giving it to Chloe O'Brian at the refinery. She used it to shoot Conrad Haas several times in the stomach.
5x02 Glock.jpg "8:00am-9:00am" Jennings, as well as some other agents at 34012 Wilshire Boulevard, carried Glock 19s when arresting Chloe O'Brian.
5x02 Glock 2.jpg "8:00am-9:00am" The two security guards at Ontario Airport had Glock 19s before they were shot by Anton Beresch's men.
5x07 Glock.jpg "1:00pm-2:00pm" Jacob Rossler had a Glock 19 that he drew when Jack and Curtis raided his room, but he dropped the gun after being shot.
5x14 Glock.jpg "8:00pm-9:00pm" The bald agent who investigated Collette Stenger's hotel room with Jack, Curtis and Stokes carried a Glock 19.
5x15 Glock 3.jpg "9:00pm-10:00pm" The CTU guards carried Glock 19s, and one of them drew on Jack Bauer when he tried to stop Rick Burke interrogating Audrey Raines.
5x15 Glock 2.jpg "9:00pm-10:00pm" The Federal marshal guarding Collette Stenger had a Glock 19, which Jack Bauer took off him after knocking him out. He threatened Stenger with the gun, and after he had the info he needed he gave the weapon to Bill Buchanan, telling him to give it back to the marshal.
5x15 Glock.jpg "9:00pm-10:00pm" The two agents who infiltrated the Wilshire Gas Company along with Curtis and Jack carried Glock pistols, at first with silencers before removing them to go into the control room.
5x23 Navy guns.jpg "5:00am-6:00am" One of the naval officers who aimed a gun at Jack Bauer was using a Glock 19.

Glock 26[]

Main section: Glock 26
Image Episode(s) Description
5x05 Glock 2.jpg "11:00am-12:00pm" Hank smuggled a disassembled Glock 26 hidden in a radio through the CTU security. He put the gun together inside the building, fitted a silencer to it, and killed Dr. Paulson with it. He tried to use the gun to shoot Jack Bauer, but was disarmed.

Heckler & Koch USP[]

Main section: Heckler & Koch USP
Image Episode(s) Description
5x02 USP.jpg "7:00am-8:00am"
Jack Bauer had an HK USP in his bag of equipment stored in his Mojave home. He drew the gun on Derek Huxley after discovering him following him, then at the refinery killed Conrad Haas and two of his men with it. He then took it to 34012 Wilshire Boulevard, where he briefly gave it to Wayne Palmer as a sign of trust. He took it back and used it at Ontario Airport to question Chevensky. He kept it after terrorists took over the terminal, but when he gave himself up one of Anton Beresch's men confiscated the weapon.
5x11 USP.jpg

5x14 USP.jpg

5x17 USP.jpg

5x22 USP.jpg

5x24 USP.jpg
At 22 North Figueroa, Curtis Manning gave Jack another USP for the next operation. Jack used it during the raid of the building, but left it with Curtis when going undercover as Jacob Rossler. He later got the gun back and used during the raid of Cal's Bikes. When Curtis took him into custody he handed the weapon over, but soon overpowered Curtis and took the gun back. He then used it to kill two terrorists and rescue James Nathanson. At Omicron International, Christopher Henderson took the gun from him briefly but gave it back. Jack then used the gun to interrogate Henderson and his wife, shooting her in the leg with it. He also used it at CTU to shoot and kill Ostroff. He kept the gun holstered during the crisis at CTU, and later used it when investigating Collette Stenger's hotel room and arresting Collette at Van Nuys Airfield. He also used the gun at the Wilshire Gas Company, at first with a silencer, but later he removed it when infiltrating the control room. He then used it with a silencer to kill two men at 4615 Tarpin Street, and to shoot at Christopher Henderson's car, before using it to take Carl Mossman hostage. He killed 3 men at City Trust and Savings with the weapon. Mark Wexler briefly took the gun from him at Van Nuys Airfield, but Jack knocked him out and took it back, using it to kill more of Henderson's men. He then used the gun when arresting Henderson, and took it on board Flight 520, threatening Hans Meyer and later all of the passengers with it. He held Scott Evans at gunpoint, and after the plane landed prepared to use the gun when getting past the marine patrols. He later used the gun to shoot Joseph Malina in the hip. He then used it when inflitrating the Natalia submarine, killing two of Bierko's henchmen with the gun. After the threat was neutralized, he shot and killed Christopher Henderson. He finally used the gun when capturing Charles Logan, and threatened the president with it before surrendering.
5x07 USP.jpg "1:00pm-2:00pm" The gun that Inessa Kovalevsky used to kill Jacob Rossler changed from a SIG P228 to a HK USP just before she shot him.

Heckler & Koch P2000[]

Main section: Heckler & Koch P2000
Image Episode(s) Description
5x19 P2000.jpg "10:00pm-11:00pm"
Christopher Henderson used a Heckler & Koch P2000 pistol after getting out of CTU custody. He used the gun during the trade of Amy Martin, and later used it to kill the two paramedics who were tending to Evelyn Martin in her hotel room. He used it again at Van Nuys Airfield to kill Mark Wexler and to hold Audrey Raines hostage, but when Jack Bauer caught him at a plant nursery he lost the gun. Jack gave it to Audrey, who was about to use it to kill him when Stipes showed up. However Curtis Manning arrived to ensure her safety.

Makarov PM[]

Main section: Makarov PM
Image Episode(s) Description
5x07 Makarov.jpg "1:00pm-2:00pm" Ivan Erwich had a Makarov PM that he drew on Andrei during a disagreement over their objectives. Later he pointed the gun at Cal, before attaching a silencer and killing Cal with it.

SIG Sauer P225[]

Main section: SIG Sauer P225
Image Episode(s) Description
Angelo's gun.jpg "8:00am-9:00am"
Jerry G. Angelo's character used a SIG Sauer P225 during the siege of Ontario Airport. Another terrorist with him in the van also had the same gun. He used it during the assault, but it briefly changed to a Beretta 92 after Tony Donno started doubling for him, but changed back to a P225 once the gunfight started.
5x04 SIG.jpg "8:00am-9:00am"
A long haired terrorist at Ontario Airport used a "non gun" version of the SIG P225 to kill one of the security guards during the takeover. He then gave it to Randall Archer's character, who killed a hostage with it at the start of episode 3. He kept the gun until he was killed by CTU, when Jack Bauer took it and killed Vlad and another terrorist with it, and also shot Anton Beresch. He tucked the gun into his pants, but lost it when taken into custody.

SIG Sauer P226[]

Main section: SIG Sauer P226
Image Episode(s) Description
5x02 SIG Sauer.jpg "8:00am-9:00am" An FBI agent at 34012 Wilshire Boulevard had a SIG Sauer P226 when going through a doorway, but Jack disarmed him and knocked him out.
5x09 P226 sport.jpg "3:00pm-4:00pm" James Nathanson had a SIG Sauer P226 SL Sport II that he carried when escaping from Bierko's men. He killed one of Ostroff's men with it, and to shoot at the helicopter pursuing him.
5x15 SIG.jpg "9:00pm-10:00pm" One of Bierko's men at the Wilshire Gas Company had a SIG Sauer P226, before he was killed by Jack Bauer.
5x16 SIG.jpg "10:00pm-11:00pm"
Wayne Palmer used a silenced SIG Sauer P226 at 4615 Tarpin Street, killing two men with it and shooting at Christopher Henderson's car. He also used the gun when taking Carl Mossman hostage and escaping fro the City Trust and Savings bank.
5x16 SIG 2.jpg "10:00pm-11:00pm" One of Christopher Henderson's men at 4615 Tarpin Street used a SIG Sauer pistol before Henderson ran him over.

SIG Sauer P228[]

Main section: SIG Sauer P228
Image Episode(s) Description
5x01 SIG Sauer.jpg "7:00am-8:00am" Kohler carried a SIG Sauer P228 before being killed by Jack Bauer.
P228 5x06.jpg "12:00pm-1:00pm" M. Dunley and the other Secret Service agents who arrested Jack Bauer carried SIG Sauer P228 pistols.
5x07 SIG.jpg "1:00pm-2:00pm" Inessa Kovalevsky took a SIG P228 out of her dress at 22 North Figueroa in order to shoot Jacob Rossler. However in the next shot it changed to an HK USP.
5x10 SIG.jpg "4:00pm-5:00pm"
Aaron Pierce used a SIG Sauer P228 to rescue Martha Logan and Yuri and Anya Suvarov during the motorcade attack, killing Eric and Ostroff's lieutenant with it. He kept the gun in his holster, and when searching for Wayne Palmer had the weapon out. Palmer made him drop it, but soon gave it back to him, and later Pierce used it to shoot at Brennan and his men.

Smith & Wesson 4506[]

Main section: Smith & Wesson 4506
Image Episode(s) Description
5x01 S&W.jpg "7:00am-8:00am" Conrad Haas had a Smith & Wesson 4506-1 pistol at the refinery before being shot by Jack and Chloe.
5x23 S&W.jpg "4:00am-5:00am"
Joseph Malina had a S&W 4506-1 when Christopher Henderson told him about CTU's presence near his apartment. He gave the gun to Henderson, but after CTU raided the room Jack Bauer took the gun from Henderson and put it in his bag. Later at the Port of Los Angeles, Henderson requested the gun for their mission to infiltrate the Natalia. Jack gave it to him, but without any bullets, so after the mission when Henderson tried to shoot Jack nothing happened.

Smith & Wesson SW1911[]

Main section: Smith & Wesson SW1911
Image Episode(s) Description
5x23 1911.jpg "4:00am-5:00am"
Vladimir Bierko used a SW1911 during his takeover of the Natalia, killing Lt. Southern with the gun. He later investigated the engine room with the weapon, but was shot by Jack Bauer and dropped it.

Taurus PT 24/7[]

Main section: Taurus PT 24/7
Image Episode(s) Description
5x15 Taurus.jpg "9:00pm-10:00pm" Mikhail used a Taurus PT 24/7 at the Wilshire Gas Company, killing a security guard and another worker with it before using it to shoot at Jack Bauer.

Vektor CP1[]

Main section: Vektor CP1
Image Episode(s) Description
5x11 Vektor.jpg "3:00pm-4:00pm"
Ostroff was armed with a suppressed Vektor CP1 pistol, which he used to kill Nathanson's subordinate, and later Dwayne Thompkins and Jenny McGill. He smuggled the gun past CTU Security, and after setting up a canister of nerve gas he used it to take a security guard hostage. He killed the man before Jack Bauer caught up with him, shooting him before he could use the weapon again.

Walther PP[]

Main section: Walther PP
Image Episode(s) Description
5x14 PPK.jpg "8:00pm-9:00pm" Collette Stenger carried a stainless steel Walther PPK/S in a holster on her leg. She gave it to Mikhail when meeting with Vladimir Bierko at 12451 Saticoy Boulevard, and later Jack Bauer took it off her after arresting her at Van Nuys Airfield.


AK variant[]

Main section: AK variant
Image Episode(s) Description
5x02 Uzi AK.jpg "8:00am-9:00am" When preparing for the strike on Ontario Airport, Anton Beresch's men had an AK in a box. Several of them loaded up AK's in the van on the way to the airport.
5x03 AK.jpg "8:00am-9:00am"
Many of Anton Beresch's men had AK variant rifles during the airport siege, including Vlad, Ibrim, the man killed by Ibrim's vest, Danny Hebert's character (before switching to an Uzi), a black-jacketed terrorist and a bald terrorist who arrived with him, a brown jacketed terrorist, the terrorist searching for Chevensky, a long haired terrorist who guarded the hostages (pictured), and Tim Sitarz's character.
5x02 AK.jpg "8:00am-9:00am"
A blond terrorist at the airport also had an AK, but a "non gun" version of the weapon. He killed a security guard with it, and later his stunt double Scott Wilder used the gun during the CTU attack before he was killed.
5x18 AK.jpg "12:00am-1:00am" Two of Christopher Henderson's men on the side of the helicopter at Van Nuys Airfield fired AK rifles at Jack Bauer and Doug Masters, before Jack shot them both.

Beretta Cx4 Storm[]

Main section: Beretta Cx4 Storm
Image Episode(s) Description
5x09 guns.jpg "3:00pm-4:00pm" At Vladimir Bierko's warehouse there was a Beretta Cx4 rifle resting against a crate next to an HK G36.
5x09 CX4.jpg "3:00pm-4:00pm" One of Ostroff's men carried a Beretta Cx4 Storm rifle when trying to kill James Nathanson, before Jack Bauer killed the assailant. Nathanson tried to reach for the gun when he ran out of ammo, but was shot and killed by Ostroff in a helicopter.
Dan Lemieux.jpg "3:00pm-4:00pm" Another of Ostroff's men had a Beretta Cx4 before he too was shot by Jack.
5x10 CX4 2.jpg "4:00pm-5:00pm" One of Ostroff's men had a Beretta Cx4 when preparing for the assault on Suvarov's motorcade. In the extended version of the attack, another of his men carries the same gun.
5x10 CX4.jpg "4:00pm-5:00pm" Another of Ostroff's men carried a Beretta Cx4 when preparing to assassinate Suvarov, and a different man used it to kill some Secret Service agents in the extended version of the assault.

Colt M16[]

Main section: Colt M16
Image Episode(s) Description
5x15 M16.jpg "5:00pm-6:00pm"
The soldiers at the presidential retreat carried M16 rifles, and were present when Yuri Suvarov was being helicoptered back. They were also present inside the retreat standing guard in several corridors.
5x14 marines.jpg "8:00pm-9:00pm"
During the news reports of troops patrolling the streets of Los Angeles, soldiers were seen with M16 rifles.
5x14 M16.jpg "8:00pm-9:00pm" The men at Captain Riggs's checkpoint carried M16 rifles when stopping Wayne Palmer.
5x17 marines.jpg "11:00pm-12:00am" Again the soldiers on the streets carried M16 rifles, including those at the roadbloack passed by Audrey Raines.
5x17 M16.jpg "11:00pm-12:00am" The soldiers who responded the gunfight at City Trust and Savings used M16s to shoot Cooper and his mercenaries.
5x19 M16.jpg "1:00am-2:00am" The soldiers at Van Nuys Airfield who were guarding the entrance to Flight 520 carried Colt M16 rifles.
5x21 M16.jpg "3:00am-4:00am" The marines who secured Flight 520, and who stopped Curtis Manning and the checkpoint carried M16 rifles.
5x24 M16.jpg "6:00am-7:00am" The honor guard who fired a salute for David Palmer's casket used M16A4 rifles.

Colt M4A1[]

Main section: Colt M4A1
Image Episode(s) Description
5x02 M4.jpg "8:00am-9:00am" The SWAT agents at 34012 Wilshire Boulevard carried M4A1 rifles, which they used when searching Chloe O'Brian's van.
5x04 M4.jpg "9:00am-10:00am"
At CTU's control center outside Ontario Airport, there was a rack of M4A1 rifles. Many of the TAC team agents used this gun during the raid on the terminal. They later used them when searching Hangar BB, and also had them when returning to CTU.
5x07 M4.jpg "1:00pm-2:00pm"
The CTU agents who provided backup at 22 North Figueroa used Colt M4A1 rifles.
5x09 M4.jpg "2:00pm-3:00pm"
The CTU TAC teams at the Sunrise Hills Shopping Mall, who also raided Cal's Bikes, carried Colt M4A1 rifles.
5x11 M4.jpg "5:00pm-6:00pm" The CTU agents that responded to the situation at Tyler Memorial Hospital, including Witt and Barnes, all had M4A1 carbines.
5x14 M4.jpg "8:00pm-9:00pm" During the arrest of Collette Stenger at Van Nuys Airfield, the CTU troops again had M4A1 carbines.
5x15 M4 2.jpg "9:00pm-10:00pm" When preparing to drive to Wilshire Gas Company, Bierko's Crewcut separatist carried a Colt M4 into the back of the truck.
5x15 M4.jpg "9:00pm-10:00pm" Cobb had a Colt M4A1 rifle with a scope and suppressor, which Wayne Palmer took off him in a deleted scene. In the episode, Palmer held the gun on Aaron Pierce before realizing who he was, whereupon he gave the gun to Aaron. Aaron used it to shoot at Brennan and his men.
5x16 M4.jpg "10:00pm-11:00pm" One of Henderson's men at 4615 Tarpin Street had an M4 rifle. Jack Bauer shot him as he patrolled the perimeter.
5x16 M4 2.jpg "10:00pm-11:00pm" Henderson's mercenary carried an M4 rifle before being shot by Wayne Palmer.
5x19 M4.jpg "1:00am-2:00am" The CTU troops in Curtis Manning's TAC team, who arrested Christopher Henderson at the plant nursery, used M4A1 rifles.
5x21 M4.jpg "3:00am-4:00am" The CTU agents transferring Vladimir Bierko out of CTU carried M4A1 carbines.
5x22 M4.jpg "4:00am-5:00am" The TAC team who invaded Joseph Malina's apartment used M4A1 carbines.
5x24 M4.jpg "6:00am-7:00am" The SWAT team who rescued Charles Logan and arrested Jack Bauer carried M4 rifles.


Main section: DSA SA58 OSW
Image Episode(s) Description
5x10 OSW.jpg "4:00pm-5:00pm" One of the men who attacked Suvarov's motorcade carried a DSA SA58 OSW rifle.
5x16 DSA.jpg "10:00pm-11:00pm" Brennan's men getting into the van had DSA SA58 OSW rifles.

Heckler & Koch G36[]

Main section: Heckler & Koch G36
Image Episode(s) Description
5x09 G36.jpg "3:00pm-4:00pm" There was a HK G36C on a crate at Vladimir Bierko's warehouse.
5x09 guns.jpg "3:00pm-4:00pm" Also at Bierko's warehouse there was another G36C resting against a crate next to a Beretta Cx4 rifle.
5x09 G36 2.jpg "3:00pm-4:00pm" One of Ostroff's men hunting James Nathanson carried an HK G36C before Nathanson shot him and took the rifle. He used it to fire at the other men trying to kill him, but he ran out of ammo and discarded the weapon on the roof.
5x10 G36.jpg "4:00pm-5:00pm" One of Ostroff's men carried an HK G36C when preparing to assault Suvarov's motorcade. In the extended version of the attack, another man is seen carrying the same gun before being shot.
5x10 G36 2.jpg "4:00pm-5:00pm" Ostroff's lieutenant used an HK G36C to attack Suvarov's motorcade, killing several of the men guarding the Russian president with it. He using it to break into the limousine, but when that failed he called for Eric's flamethrower.
5x11 G36.jpg "4:00pm-5:00pm"
The guards at 12451 Saticoy Boulevard, including the Crewcut separatist, carried HK G36C rifles.
5x15 G36.jpg "8:00pm-9:00pm"
Brennan and several of his men carried HK G36C rifles when trying to kill Wayne Palmer.
5x15 G36 2.jpg "9:00pm-10:00pm" Bierko's man who stood guard outside of the Wilshire Gas Company carried an HK G36C.
5x16 G36.jpg "10:00pm-11:00pm" One of Henderson's men at 4615 Tarpin Street had a G36C rifle before being shot through the back by Jack Bauer.
5x16 G36 2.jpg "10:00pm-11:00pm" One of Henderson's 4 bodyguards at the trade of Amy Martin had a G36C, but was shot by Wayne Palmer.
5x17 G36.jpg "11:00pm-12:00am" Cooper and 3 of his men had HK G36K rifles - the first and third men shot by Jack Bauer, and the second man killed by the marines.
Stipes goon.jpg "1:00am-2:00am" Stipes and one of his henchmen carried G36C rifles when attempting to rescue Christopher Henderson.

Heckler & Koch SL8[]

Main section: Heckler & Koch SL8
Image Episode(s) Description
Jack with sniperrifle.jpg "10:00pm-11:00pm" Brennan had a Heckler & Koch SL8-1 sniper rifle at 4615 Tarpin Street to oversee the trade of Amy Martin. Jack Bauer killed him and took the weapon, using it to kill two more of Henderson's men.

Remington 700[]

Main section: Remington 700
Image Episode(s) Description
5x01 sniper rifle.jpg "7:00am-8:00am" Conrad Haas used a Remington 700 mounted on an AICS frame to shoot and kill David Palmer.


J.C. Higgins Model 21 Deluxe[]

Main section: J.C. Higgins Model 21 Deluxe
Image Episode(s) Description
5x14 shotgun.jpg "8:00pm-9:00pm" Brennan's man who shot out the tire of Wayne Palmer's car used a sawed-off J.C. Higgins Model 21 Deluxe shotgun to do so.

Mossberg 500[]

Main section: Mossberg 500
Image Episode(s) Description
5x17 shotgun.jpg "11:00pm-12:00am" The LAPD officers who responded to the gunfight at City Trust and Savings were armed with Mossberg 500 shotguns.

Remington 870[]

Main section: Remington 870
Image Episode(s) Description
5x06 shotgun.jpg "12:00pm-1:00pm" Some of the Customs and Border Protection agents who raided the container at the Port of Long Beach carried Remington 870 Slug Guns.

Submachine guns[]

Beretta M12[]

Main section: Beretta M12
Image Episode(s) Description
5x10 M12.jpg "4:00pm-5:00pm" One of the men who attacked Suvarov's motorcade used a Beretta M12. In the extended version of the scene, he was killed by a Secret Service agent.

Heckler & Koch MP5[]

Main section: Heckler & Koch MP5
Image Episode(s) Description
5x03 MP5.jpg "8:00am-9:00am"
When preparing for the assault on Ontario Airport, one of Beresch's men grabbed an HK MP5K from a crate. In the following episode a long-haired terrorist carried it over his shoulder when guarding the hostages. During the assault, Dennis Madalone and Dennis Keiffer's characters had MP5K guns.
5x02 MP5.jpg "8:00am-9:00am" Anton Beresch fired an MP5K into the air when taking over Ontario Airport. It was a prop "non gun".
5x04 MP5.jpg "9:00am-10:00am"
Many of the CTU field agents at Ontario Airport used MP5 guns. Some of them were prop "non guns", during the firefight.
5x06 MP5.jpg "12:00pm-1:00pm" Some of the Customs and Border Protection agents carried HK MP5A2 guns when raiding the container at the Port of Long Beach.
5x10 MP5K.jpg "4:00pm-5:00pm" The Secret Service agents who were protecting Suvarov's motorcade carried MP5K-PDW submachine guns. More were used during the extended version of the scene.
5x11 MP5K.jpg "5:00pm-6:00pm" The Secret Service agents who arrived after the motorcade assault, and stood guard in the aftermath, carried regular MP5K submachine guns.
5x12 MP5.jpg "6:00pm-7:00pm" A CTU security guard was carrying an HK MP5A2 when a CTU lockdown was enforced, but Ostroff disarmed him of the weapon and took him hostage.
5x17 MP5.jpg "11:00pm-12:00am" Two of Cooper's men had MP5A2s - the second man shot by Jack Bauer, and the first man shot by the marines.
5x18 MP5.jpg "12:00am-1:00am" Most of Christopher Henderson's men at Van Nuys Airfield fired MP5A2 submachine guns at Jack Bauer and Doug Masters, but they were all killed.
5x19 MP5.jpg "1:00am-2:00am" One of Stipes's men carried an MP5 SMG when attempting to rescue Christopher Henderson.
5x23 MP5.jpg "5:00am-6:00am" Vladimir Bierko's man guarding the escape hatch on the Natalia had an MP5K, which Tim Rooney took after he killed him. Another of Bierko's men, guarding outside the submarine, had the same weapon.

Heckler & Koch UMP[]

Main section: Heckler & Koch UMP
Image Episode(s) Description
5x10 UMP.jpg "4:00pm-5:00pm" One of the men who attacked Suvarov's motorcade used an HK UMP submachine gun.
5x15 UMP 2.jpg "9:00pm-10:00pm" One of Bierko's men had an HK UMP in the back of the truck going to the Wilshire Gas Company. Once at the plant, a different separatist carried the gun when entering the plant, but when inside he swapped it for a Beretta handgun.
5x15 UMP.jpg "9:00pm-10:00pm" One of Brennan's men who shot at Aaron Pierce and Wayne Palmer was using an HK UMP.

IMI Uzi[]

Main section: IMI Uzi
Image Episode(s) Description
5x02 Uzi AK.jpg "8:00am-9:00am" When preparing for the assault on Ontario Airport, Anton Beresch's men had an Uzi in a crate. When driving to the airport, a terrorist with glasses was seen putting it in his coat, although he never used it during the takeover.
5x02 Uzi.jpg "8:00am-9:00am"
Danny Hebert's weapon changed from an AK to an Uzi during episode 2. He used it when rounding up hostages and guarding them.
5x04 Uzi.jpg "9:00am-10:00am"
Three of the terrorists who guarded the hostages were armed with Uzis: Brian Ruppert's character, a bald terrorist wearing a C4 vest (pictured), and a long haired terrorist with a t-shirt and explosive vest.
5x03 Uzi.jpg "9:00am-10:00am"
A bald terrorist who was part of Beresch's C-team had an Uzi as his weapon. He held the gun just before CTU attacked the terminal, but his apparent stunt double Dennis Keiffer carried an MP5K.

Steyr SPP[]

Main section: Steyr SPP
Image Episode(s) Description
5x23 Steyr SPP.jpg "5:00am-6:00am" Bierko's terrorist on the Natalia had a Steyr SPP, which he used to kill McCullough before being shot by Jack Bauer.

Other guns[]

Browning M2[]

Main section: Browning M2
Image Episode(s) Description
5x14 marines.jpg "8:00pm-9:00pm"
During the news reports of soldiers patrolling the streets of Los Angeles, a humvee was seen with a Browning M2HB heavy machine gun mounted on it.
5x14 Browning M2.jpg "8:00pm-9:00pm" The marines at Captain Riggs's checkpoint, who stopped Wayne Palmer, had a Browning M2HB machine gun on their humvee.
5x17 Browning M2 2.jpg "11:00pm-12:00am" The soldiers on the streets, including those at the checkpoint crossed by Audrey Raines, had Browning M2HB machine guns mounted on their vehicles.
5x17 Browning M2.jpg "11:00pm-12:00am" The humvee that passed Jack, Wayne Palmer and Carl Mossman on the road had a Browning M2HB attached to it.

Browning M3[]

Main section: Browning M3
Image Episode(s) Description
5x11 Browning M3.jpg "5:00pm-6:00pm" The Navy Seahawk helicopter transporting Yuri and Anya Suvarov back to Hidden Valley from the motorcade attack had a Browning M3 heavy machine gun mounted on it.


Main section: Flamethrower
Image Episode(s) Description
5x10 flamethrower.jpg "4:00pm-5:00pm" Eric used a custom made handheld flamethrower in an attempt to break into Yuri Suvarov's limousine, but Aaron Pierce shot the fuel tank and blew him up.

M141 SMAW-D[]

Main section: M141 SMAW-D
Image Episode(s) Description
5x10 M141.jpg "4:00pm-5:00pm" Ostroff's men unloaded a M141 SMAW-D rocket launcher when preparing for the assault on Suvarov's motorcade. It was used to blow up the front of his limousine.
5x10 M141 2.jpg "4:00pm-5:00pm" Another M141 launcher was unloaded by Ostroff's men, and fired from a lower position at the same time to hit Suvarov's vehicle.


Main section: M240
Image Episode(s) Description
5x11 Navy gunner.jpg "5:00pm-6:00pm" The Navy Seahawk helicopter transporting Yuri and Anya Suvarov back to Hidden Valley from the motorcade attack had an M240 mounted on it.


Main section: M60E3
Image Episode(s) Description
5x09 M60.jpg "3:00pm-4:00pm" Ostroff fired an M60E3 machine gun from a helicopter at James Nathanson, killing him.

Norinco Type 69[]

Main section: Norinco Type 69
Image Episode(s) Description
5x19 RPG.jpg "1:00am-2:00am" The men who were tracking James Heller aimed a Type 69 RPG launcher with an optical sight and laser aiming beam at his car.

Stun gun[]

Main section: Stun gun
Image Episode(s) Description
5x10 stun gun.jpg "4:00pm-5:00pm" Christopher Henderson used a stun gun to knock Jack Bauer out at Omicron International.
5x15 stun gun.jpg "9:00pm-10:00pm" Rick Burke knocked Jack Bauer out when he attempted to remove Audrey Raines from CTU Los Angeles.
5x20 stun gun.jpg "2:00am-3:00am" Chloe O'Brian used a stun gun twice to knock Ross out when he was bothering her at the Miramont Hotel.
5x24 stun gun.jpg "6:00am-7:00am" When hijacking Marine One, Jack Bauer used a stun gun to incapacitate Charles Logan's guards and the pilot.


Benchmade 9130 Auto Stryker[]

Main section: Benchmade 9130 Auto Stryker
Image Episode(s) Description
5x11 knife.jpg "5:00pm-6:00pm"
Jack Bauer had a Benchmade Auto Stryker for a lot of Day 5. He used it to open the gate of 5714 Tarrowood Drive silently, then later to remove a panel from the Situation Room when Sentox gas was released at CTU. He then used it to slit Brennan's throat and fiddle with his radio to disguise his voice. He later used it at Van Nuys Airfield, to cut a length of pipe from a forklift truck to create a tourniquet for Audrey Raines's arm. He used it on board Flight 520 to cut through a panel to expose the flight machinery, before finally using it at Joseph Malina's apartment to open the skylight.

DKW Sandshark[]

Main section: DKW Sandshark
Image Episode(s) Description
5x09 knife.jpg "3:00pm-4:00pm" Vladimir Bierko used a DKW Sandshark to stab and kill Ivan Erwich.

Leatherman Supertool 300[]

Main section: Leatherman Supertool 300
Image Episode(s) Description
5x23 knife.jpg "5:00am-6:00am" Tim Rooney had a Leatherman Supertool 300 with a knife on it, which he used to kill Bierko's sentry on the Natalia in order to let Jack Bauer into the vessel.

Microtech HALO[]

Main section: Microtech HALO
Image Episode(s) Description
5x01 knife.jpg "7:00am-8:00am" Jack had a Microtech HALO III in his bag of equipment, and used the knife to kill Kohler at the refinery.
5x06 knife.jpg "12:00pm-1:00pm" Jack also used a Microtech HALO to threaten Walt Cummings, possibly the same knife he used before.

Microtech Makora[]

Main section: Microtech Makora
Image Episode(s) Description
5x23 knife 2.jpg "5:00am-6:00am" In the Natalia, Jack Bauer uses a Microtech Makora with a black silver double edge blade with no serrations, to kill Bierko's technician.



Main section: Bomb
Image Episode(s) Description
5x22 bomb.jpg "4:00am-5:00am" When CTU broke into Joseph Malina's apartment, they used an explosive device to blow the door lock.

C-4 explosive[]

Main section: C-4 explosive
Image Episode(s) Description
5x02 C4.jpg "8:00am-9:00am" When preparing for the assault on Ontario Airport, one of Anton Beresch's men had a couple of blocks on C4 explosive. This may have been for someone's vest, or used to detonate the van outside the terminal.
5x04 C4.jpg "9:00am-10:00am"
6 of Beresch's men, including Ibrim, wore C4 explosive vests. Jack detonated Ibrim's remotely using his phone, and Beresch killed himself using a blond terrorist's vest, but the others did not explode.
5x10 bomb.jpg "4:00pm-5:00pm" Christopher Henderson had a bomb consisting of 2 blocks of C4 wired to a detonator, hidden inside a file. He had the device in his office, and took it with him when showing Jack Bauer the Sentox Project bunker. He detonated the device remotely, but Jack managed to survive the blast.
5x15 C4.jpg "9:00pm-10:00pm" Jack Bauer had some C4 explosive in his bag when he went to the Wilshire Gas Company, and attached half a block to a detonator on a gas pipe. He set a 30-second timer, and ran away as the explosive ignited the gas and blew the plant up.

M18 smoke grenade[]

Main section: M18 smoke grenade
Image Episode(s) Description
5x01 smoke grenade.jpg "7:00am-8:00am" The rescue helicopter that Jack stole had some M18 smoke grenades in it - he used these to provide cover for himself at the oil refinery, using the smoke to sneak up and kill Kohler.

M26 hand grenade[]

Main section: M26 hand grenade
Image Episode(s) Description
5x02 grenades.jpg "8:00am-9:00am" The van driven by Conrad Haas's men contained a case with M26 hand grenades in, which Jack discovered after taking the van.

Plastic explosive[]

Main section: Plastic explosive
Image Episode(s) Description
5x04 plastic explosive.jpg "10:00am-11:00am" Curtis Manning set a series of plastic explosive charges at Ontario Airport in order to blast through the wall and surprise the terrorists.

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