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This is a list of weapons used by Jack Bauer over the course of 24.


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Season 1[]

Palmer Cap-Chur Short Range Projector[]

Jack dartgun

Jack with dart gun

Jack Bauer left George Mason in his office to call Division, and Jack went downstairs, ostensibly to get some coffee. However, Jack crossed to the weapons cupboard and had Nina Myers hand him a binder, which he used to hide a Palmer Cap-Chur short range projector. Jack then went back to his office with the weapon, before presenting and firing a dart into Mason's thigh, knocking him out for about 30 minutes.

SIG Sauer P228[]


Jack with P228

Jack Bauer's most common weapon throughout Day 1 was the two-tone SIG Sauer P228 with a nickel-plated slide. Jack initially armed himself with the pistol when was in his office, while preparing to come to Richard Walsh's aid. He used the gun many times including the exterior scenes at 2350 Dunlop Plaza, the staged death of Nina Myers, threatening Jonathan Matijevich at the Santa Clarita Power Plant, but he lost it to Frank Simes when arrested. He got another P228 in the "care package" sent by Nina, using it when interrogating Ted Cofell and rescuing his family from the Gaines compound. He also used the weapon during the Saugus detention center siege, losing it to Victor Drazen, but he got it back after killing Drazen and used it during the windshield shootout with Nina Myers.

SIG Sauer P229[]

Jack bin

Jack with P229 - note the indentation on the slide

Several times during Day 1, Jack's P228 switched to a P229. These included the interior scenes at 2350 Dunlop Plaza, investigating 18166 San Fernando Road and his scenes at the Gaines compound during "11:00am-12:00pm".

Benchmade 2550 Mini-reflex[]

Tac folder

Jack opens door with knife out

This mini-blade was first used during "Day 1: 1:00am-2:00am," after the shootout with the attackers at Dunlop Plaza. He used it on the stairwell to tend to Richard Walsh's wound, and later to sever the thumb of a hostile for a fingerprint. Later on he used the knife to break into a parked car, and later to cut Kevin Carroll loose in the back seat of his car, before entering Ira Gaines' compound.

Magnum Research Lone Eagle[]

1x08 Jack assembles gun

Jack assembling the weapon

During "Day 1: 7:00am-8:00am," under strict orders from Ira Gaines, Jack was directed to smuggle a briefcase into Senator David Palmer's breakfast appearance at the Santa Clarita Power Plant. Once inside and out of sight, he was approached by the hired assassin, Jonathan Matijevich, posing as photographer Martin Belkin. Jonathan opened the case and told Jack to assemble the Lone Eagle, thereby getting Jack's prints on the weapon.

Glock 17[]

Jack glock

Aiming at Lauren Proctor

After escaping Secret Service a little after 8:00am, Jack managed to hang onto the Glock 17 9mm pistol he had taken from Secret Service agent Alan Hayes. He held on to the weapon for at least another 4 hours and used it to aid in his family's escape from the Gaines compound. Jack simultaneously fired his SIG Sauer P228 and Glock 17 when killing Neil Nagi, then dropped the Glock as it ran out of ammo.

Microtech HALO[]


A second after cutting holes in the fuel tank

When Jack Bauer detained businessmen Ted Cofell in the back of his limo between 10:00am and 11:00am, Cofell unexpectedly drew a Microtech HALO automatic knife from a hidden section of his car. Jack disarmed Cofell and kept the blade for himself. He later used it to cut the fuel tank on a van when rescuing his family.

Beretta 92FS[]

Untijack beretta

Jack shooting Beretta 92FS 9mm Pistol

Eli Stram had a Beretta 92FS, which Teri Bauer took off him and used to shoot him dead. When Jack rescued his family, he added this weapon to his inventory. He fired several rounds from the weapon at Gaines and his men, providing sufficient cover fire for Teri and Kim to flee.

Smith & Wesson 5904[]

1x12 Jack with S&W

Ejecting the magazine from the S&W model 59

During "Day 1: 10:00am-11:00am", Rick gave Teri Bauer a gun to protect herself against Eli should he return. Later on, Jack Bauer took this weapon: a Smith & Wesson Model 5904 9mm handgun, and ejected its magazine.

IMI Uzi[]


Jack covering Rick from the blast - Uzi on ground beside them

While stealing a van from the Gaines compound, Rick Allen took an unattended IMI Uzi 9mm submachine gun from on top of a box. When he escaped Gaines, he engaged in a fire fight behind the van, helping Jack by spraying cover fire. After Jack punctured the fuel line under the car with his Microtech HALO blade, he used Rick's Uzi to shoot the remainder of the magazine into the ruptured tank. A spark ignited the flammable petroleum and the van exploded.

HK MP5A4[]

Jack with mp5

Jack helps a civilian pose as a trained guard

When he discovered the Department of Defense's top secret detention facility, Jack Bauer quickly convinced Mark DeSalvo of a possible attack by an unknown terrorist organization. Due to the minimal staff of the center, Jack suggested that all personnel dress in battle fatigues and bear arms. Jack helped a civilian get ready, showing him how to hold and aim his Heckler and Koch MP5 SMG.

Colt M4A1 Carbine (XM177 Mock Up)[]


Jack Bauer with M4A1 Carbine

When securing the landing pad for the transport chopper at 7:20pm, Jack geared himself up with Colt M4A1 Carbine, which had an XM177 style flash suppressor attached.

Kitchen knife[]

1x22 Jack with knife

Jack threatens Mila

When being held hostage at Nikola's Delights, Jack grabbed a kitchen knife from the tray held by Mila Luminović and used it to threaten the waitress. However, Victor Drazen shot her in the head before he could use her as leverage.

Heckler & Koch USP[]

USPs 11-12am

Jack with both USPs

When Jack believed his daughter was killed by the Drazens, he broke down, and prepared himself to kill Andre and Victor Drazen. He armed himself with two Heckler & Koch USP handguns from his government vehicle. Soon after driving the van through the wall of the Drazen hideout, he went on a rampage throughout the docking yard, killing every hostile. Jack eventually caught up with the Drazens, killing Andre with a single round to the heart. After a confrontation, Jack shot Victor several times before his magazine emptied and took back his signature P228.

Season 2[]

SIG Sauer P228[]


Jack Bauer - P228

Jack Bauer's weapon of choice for much of Day 2 was again his SIG Sauer P228 pistol. He had one in his drawer at home, but did not take it with him to CTU Los Angeles. However, when interrogating Nina Myers he armed himself with one of the weapons, keeping it for the remainder of the day, using it:

He lost the gun when he was captured by Ronnie Stark.

Beretta 92FS[]

Jack Beretta

Jack with Beretta in Day 2

Jack Bauer drew this weapon and shot Marshall Goren through the heart. Jack checked his pulse and requested a hacksaw. He later rearmed himself with another 92FS from the rear of a CTU vehicle at Alex Hewitt's loft. He held onto it for the final hours of Day 2.

Smith & Wesson Model 60[]

Jack 6shooter

Jack with the Smith & Wesson revolver

Prior to going undercover as Jack Roush, Jack was given a Smith & Wesson Model 60 from Michelle Dessler. This little snub nose revolver remained well hidden for a couple hours until Jack pulled it on Eddie Grant, blowing his cover but gaining the address of the location of Joseph Wald.

DKW Sandshark[]

Jack and knife 2

Jack with DKW Sandshark

Between 10:00am and 11:00am, when Eddie's crew set the charges to destroy CTU, Jack Bauer was forced to maintain his cover of Jack Roush but was obliged to warn CTU. He allowed his captive, Cam Strocker to escape with a message for Tony Almeida. To convincingly maintain his cover, he took out a DKW Sandshark blade and sliced a section on the rear of his scalp, enough to make it bleed. When Eddie and his men returned, it looked as though the phone-company hostage hit Jack to escape.

Beretta 92FS Inox[]


Jack with Inox Beretta

Although the exact make and model as the Beretta 92FS series, this version was stainless steel instead of blued. Jack Bauer acquired this after aiming his revolver at Eddie in the car. Seconds after, he was fired upon by Eddie's crew, and was forced to return fire with both guns in hand. He discarded the revolver, and turned in time to see Eddie in the car attempting to run Jack down. Jack fired several rounds through the windshield of the car, hitting Eddie no less than 3 times in the face and head. Jack held onto the Inox Beretta for the rest of the hour, including the confrontation with Joseph Wald.

Mossberg 500 Mariner[]

Jack Shootin Dog

Jack shooting Wald's dog

Once at Wald's hideout, Jack reassumed his cover as Jack Roush. He gained entry to Wald's home and pulled the Inox Beretta on him. Immediately afterwards, he grabbed Wald's Mossberg 500 pump action shotgun in the lounge. He began to question Wald, but a guard dog jumped onto Jack, allowing Wald to escape. Jack used the shotgun to kill the guard dog, then chase Wald into the rear yard. He then used it to attempt entry to the steel panic room, in which Wald had locked himself.

Pick axe[]

Jack with pickaxe

Jack tries to break through the wall

When Wald entered his panic room, Jack attempted to hack his way through the plywood with a pick axe he found in the shed.

HK P2A1[]


Jack shooting flaregun

After recovering from the plane crash, Jack and Nina grabbed supplies and began their hike up to higher ground for assistance. Thought to be alone, the sight of the Coral Snake mercenary group surprised them. After seeing them execute Rick Phillips, Jack turned to see a soldier advancing on him and Nina. With nothing else to resort to, Bauer fired the HK P2A1 survival flare pistol at the incoming mercenary. The soldier's chest was set alight and he collapsed, discharging his assault rifle as he fell.

Colt M4A1[]


Jack discharging an M4A1 assault rifle

After taking down a commando, Jack stole his Colt M4A1 carbine assault rifle and ammunition bag from his body. He used this to take down several more Coral Snake soldiers, while being spotted by Nina Myers. The M4A1 Jack Bauer used has had several upgrades on its Rail Interface System, including a Trijicon ACOG scope, an AN/PEQ-2 laser sight, and a vertical foregrip.

Mossberg 500 Cruiser[]

Jack beanbag

Jack striking out from behind CTU agent with riot shield

During "5:00pm-6:00pm," CTU found the possible location of Syed Ali. In order to question any hostiles, Jack Bauer went in with a pump action Mossberg 500 Cruiser, loaded with nonlethal beanbag ammunition. Once under fire, he tailed behind the cover of a CTU Tactical agent with a riot shield, and strategically shot the terrorist in the neck with a single shot. Moments after, the terrorist committed suicide with a hidden cyanide capsule.

Telescopic steel baton[]

2x12 Jack baton

Jack stabbing baton into a box after using it to take down Ali

During "Day 2: 7:00pm-8:00pm", Jack used a Tactical team member's telescopic baton to take down Syed Ali. After knocking the gun from his hand and hitting him across the back, Jack stabbed the weapon into a box and used his full strength to prevent Ali from committing suicide.

Ingram MAC-10[]

Jack mac10

During the shootout, Jack fires with his MAC-10 SMG

Jack Bauer had a meeting with "the seventh man," Jonathan Wallace, shortly after midnight. Before meeting up with him, he armed himself with an Ingram MAC-10 sub-machine gun from the rear armory of the trunk of a CTU SUV. He used this in the gun battle between 1:00am and 2:00am, shooting at the sniping commandos who wanted the chip.

Beretta 9000s Pistol[]

Kate with beretta

Kate with Beretta 9000 (given to her by Jack Bauer)

Whilst gearing up for the bombardment between 1:00am and 2:00am, Jack took 2 weapons from the CTU SUV. The first weapon was a Mac 10, the other, was a Beretta 9000. He gave this gun to Kate Warner, who used it to shoot and kill one of the commandos.

SIG Sauer P229[]

2x18 Jack P229

Jack draws his P229

During the shootout with the commandos trying to kill Jonathan Wallace, Jack's P228 briefly changed to a P229. However, the gun changed back when he got to the urgent care center.

HK USP Tactical[]


Jack Bauer with USP Tactical

After being released from his restraints, Jack Bauer watched his torturer suffocate. Jack drew the Heckler & Koch USP Tactical .45 handgun from his shoulder holster and gained the attention of the neighboring guards. He killed them, then told his torturer that he would end his suffering if he told Jack about his boss's identity. The torturer complied, and Jack gave him a double-tap from the pistol.


Jack HKG362

Jack Bauer in the crow's nest with the HK SR9T

During "Day 2: 7:00am-8:00am", Jack Bauer and Sherry Palmer undertook a sting operation on Peter Kingsley. Sherry coaxed Kingsley into a confession, and Jack covertly took down Kingsley's sniper, Scott, and acquired his Heckler and Koch SR9T sniper rifle. When Kingsley determined that Sherry was bluffing, he ordered Scott to kill Sherry. Jack then used the rifle to take out four of Kingsley's men to cover Sherry's escape.

Walther PPK[]


Jack with PPK

During his rendezvous with Sherry Palmer, Jack was tackled offguard by one of Kingsley's henchmen. Jack was forced to use hand-to-hand combat with the opponent, having had his handgun knocked clear. In the course of the action, Jack noticed that the man had an ankle holster, in which was a loaded Walther PPK pistol. Bauer drew the gun and the two fought over its control, discharging the weapon before it was thrown away. Later on, after Jack killed the henchman and began to suffer aggressive heart pain, Peter Kingsley approached Jack with a gun drawn. Jack quickly grasped the PPK, only to find the gun either jammed or empty. Seconds later, a sniper in the hovering CTU helicopter took Kingsley down, saving Jack.

Season 3[]

HK USP Compact[]

Jack red1

Jack with USP Compact

After Seasons 1 and 2, Jack Bauer changed his weapon of choice from the Sig Sauer P228 pistol to the smaller, lighter, polymer-framed Heckler and Koch USP Compact, also chambered for the 9mm Parabellum cartridge. He used this during the raid on Zach Parker's hideout, but lost it when captured at Downey Holding Facility. He re-armed himself with another shortly after 3am, keeping it for the rest of the day.

Remington 870[]

3x02 Jack with shotgun

Remington 870 shotgun

Before heading to Zach Parker's last known location with Chase Edmunds, Jack geared up with a Remington 870 shotgun, although he never needed to use it.

Riot Baton[]

Day3 pic

Jack and Ramon during the riot

During the prisoner riot (caused by Jack to help free Ramon Salazar), the two took down a pair of Justice Department Riot Guards and stole their gear. Jack used a baton to beat several prisoners before being overcome and being carried away.

S&W Model 66[]


Jack playing Russian Roulette with S&W revolver

After creating the prison break so that he could escape with Ramon Salazar, Jack Bauer was captured and forced to play a game of Russian Roulette by the overpowering prisoners. The weapon they used was a Smith & Wesson Model 66 revolver.

Beretta 92FS Pistol[]

3x05 Jack Beretta

Jack Bauer escapes from the prison

After a CTU raid on the laundry room where they were being held prisoner, Jack escaped and took a Beretta 92FS Pistol from one of his captors. He held onto the gun for a little more than an hour, up until he took Ramon to meet with his brother's men and was knocked unconscious.

Jack later got another Beretta from Cale, one of Nina Myers's bodyguards. That gun changed hands several times, including the death of Hector Salazar by Ramon Salazar, before ending up in Bauer's hands again. Jack kept it the whole plane ride back to LA (including aiming it at the pilot and threatening him not to turn around), before using it one last time on Nina Myers as she escaped custody. He killed her with 3 shots at point blank.

Mossberg 500[]

3x05 Ramon with shotgun

Ramon with the shotgun, just before Jack takes it

Ramon Salazar got a Mossberg 500 during the escape from Peel and his gang, and had the shotgun just as they reached the exit of the prison building. Jack took it off him and left it inside before they left the prison.

Smith & Wesson SW99[]

Jack p99

Jack onboard Salazar's jet with a newly acquired SW99

Jack Bauer woke up handcuffed in a luggage/baggage storage section in Salazar's private jet. He was being guarded by Pedro, one of Hector's men. After faking illness, Jack used his legs to snap his captor's neck, uncuff and arm himself with a SW99 9mm handgun. He later took the plane at gunpoint, holding Salazar, his guards, and the female entertainment hostage until they could land and talk with Hector Salazar.

Walther PPK[]


Jack aiming Walther at Chase's head

During "8:00pm-9:00pm", Jack Bauer's defection was tested by Ramon Salazar. Guards brought in Chase Edmunds, who was captured entering Mexico, unaware of Jack's undercover plans. Salazar gave Jack a Walther PPK pistol, and told him to kill Chase. Jack aimed the gun at his partner, and calling Salazar's bluff, pulled the trigger. The gun was empty, and Ramon was satisfied of Jack's loyalty.

Microtech HALO[]


Jack throwing the knife to kill the third henchman

When the sale for the virus was complete, and Nina Myers brought Ramon Salazar the vial, he turned on Jack and told him he didn't need him anymore. Chase Edmunds, watching the incident through a sniper scope, shot Salazar and saved Jack's life. Jack then grabbed a Microtech HALO knife from a nearby Mexican's belt and stabbed him with it, before engaging another in hand to hand combat and stabbing him. He then threw the knife into the third and final henchman, killing him.

Piranha Amazon[]

Day 3 Piranha Amazon

The Piranha Amazon knife Jack Uses in Day 3

During "5:00am-6:00am", when Jack Bauer and Chase Edmunds were at the MI6 building in Los Angeles, they were attacked by Saunders's men. Jack and Chase raced downstairs to collect the MI6 hard-drive, and Jack used his Piranha Amazon to unscrew the drive in time to escape an explosion from the bomb that was planted there.

Glock 26[]


Jack gives Kim a Glock for protection

Before Kim Bauer went on her mission to pose as Jane Saunders, Jack handed her a Glock 26 with a nickel-coated slide, for protection. She used it to shoot and kill Lennox.

Fire axe[]


Jack prepares to sever Chase's hand

During "12:00pm-1:00pm", Chase Edmunds was bested in hand-to-hand combat by the bio-terrorist Arthur Rabens. In order to stop Rabens from escaping with the virus dispersal unit, he locked its titanium harness around his wrist. When Jack arrived and took out Rabens, Chase ordered Jack to use a fire axe to sever his hand and free the device. Jack applied a tourniquet and cut off Chase's hand, causing him to pass out. With seconds to spare, Jack Bauer took the bloodied device and put it inside a refrigerator, containing the virus safely.

Season 4[]

Glock 19[]

Season 4 pwnage (interrogation 101)

Jack Bauer interrogation

Jack Bauer took matters into his own hands after CTU proved unable to break Tomas Sherek, a terrorist informant, concerning a terrorist action about to occur that morning. Going against Erin Driscoll's orders not to intervene, he took down a CTU security guard outside the interrogation room door, stole his Glock 19 pistol, entered the room, and shot Sherek above the knee. Jack gained the information about the abduction of Secretary of Defense James Heller, seconds before the event occurred.

SIG Pro SP2009[]

4x04 Jack with SIG

Jack with the Sig Pro during his staged robbery

During "8:00am-9:00am", Ronnie Lobell was shot and killed unexpectedly. At the time, Jack Bauer was an unarmed observer. As the suspect at large sped away, Bauer unlocked his cuffs and grabbed Lobell's SIG-Pro SP2009.

Jack kept a hold of the SIG Pro SP2009 for two hours until the local police arrested him and he was reissued his weapon of choice: the HK USP Compact.

Remington 700[]


Jack Bauer using a Remington 700 rifle

As Andrew Paige's life hung in the balance, Jack observed through the scope of a Remington 700 on the Accuracy International Chassis System. After the suspect he was ghosting left, Chloe O'Brian begged Jack to save Paige. After a moments hesitation, Jack reconsidered and took down the 2 armed gunmen, saving Paige's life.


Jack 2 guns

Jack collecting Hasan's USP

In order to delay Kalil Hasan longer so that CTU could establish satellite imagery, Jack staged the robbery of a gas station wearing a balaclava. While disarming the customers of their cell phones and wallets, Jack stumbled across Hasan's chrome Heckler and Koch USP pistol. He took it, acting as though he had no idea the man was armed.

HK USP Compact[]


USP with suppressor

Jack Bauer continued to use his weapon of choice from Day 3, the Heckler and Koch USP Compact 9mm handgun. He used it throughout the entire day, including with an attached suppressor during the one man rescue of Secretary of Defense James Heller and Audrey Raines.

Microtech H.A.L.O. III[]

Audrey knife

Audrey extends the blade of the knife Jack gave her

During "12:00pm-1:00pm", Jack Bauer sneaked into the terrorist compound in an attempt to rescue James Heller and Audrey Raines. He found Audrey first and handed her a knife for protection, telling her to use it if she has to. The knife was a Microtech HALO flick-knife. Later she used it to stab Omar in the leg when he was about to kill her, opening up a line of sight for both Jack Bauer and the marines. A joint-counter offensive put Omar down.

Strider MG Dagger[]

Jack knife

Jack discretely draws the throwing knife from his back pocket

During the final moments of Secretary of Defense Heller's rescue, ranking extremist Omar stepped out with Audrey Raines at gunpoint. Having just run out of bullets, both Jack and Heller surrendered their weapons. While placing his pistol down, Jack retrieved a small throwing knife from his back pocket. After Audrey stabbed Omar in the leg, Jack threw the blade into his throat. A second later, after Audrey fell clear, the marines on the hill took Omar out with their assault weapons.

Kalashnikov AKMS[]

4x06 AK 3

During the rescue of James Heller, Jack Bauer returns fire with an AKMS

After successfully stopping the execution of James Heller over the internet, Jack Bauer evacuated him out of the building. During their escape, Bauer killed a terrorist with an AKMS assault rifle. He stepped over and picked up the gun, using it to shoot at the guards outside before the marines arrived as backup.

Glock 20[]

Jack hands Audrey a Glock

Jack hands Audrey a Glock that he found

During "1:00pm-2:00pm", when Audrey Raines attemped to ID a man at Felsted Security, she and Jack came under attack from more terrorists. Jack collected a gun from one of the dead officers, a Glock 20, and after making a call, he handed it to Audrey. He told her safety was off (although in real life Glocks don't have manual safety) and to space out her shots in order to conserve ammunition.

Beretta 92FS (suppressed)[]

Jack beretta season 4

Jack with suppressed Beretta 92FS

When Jack and Audrey were pinned down at Felsted they began to run out of ammunition. Jack ran out into the open behind some bullet-proof glass and finished off a downed hostile behind a car. He took his Beretta 92FS with an attached suppressor, and used it to continue holding off the enemy. When that weapon also ran out of ammo, he prepared to use it as a club before Tony Almeida arrived, taking out the remaining hostiles and saving them.

Remington 870[]

Jack with remington

Jack Bauer with Remington 870 shotgun

After the EMP blackout, Jack Bauer and Paul Raines fell back to a gun store. Jack overpowered the owners and snatched their Remington 870 pump action 12 gauge shotgun.

Ruger Mini-14/GB[]

Jack ruger mini14

Jack shooting from gunstore window

In preparing to defend the gun store from the McLennen-Forster commandos, Jack used a Ruger Mini 14/GB hunting rifle to take out hostiles from the window. After falling back into the store, Jack discarded the long-range rifle.

Mossberg 590[]

Jack with mossberg

Jack Bauer with Mossberg 590 shotgun

After falling back into the gun store, Jack grabbed a Mossberg 590 shotgun fitted with ghost ring sights. During his takedown of a commando, Bauer only used the 'pump' function.

Benchmade 9130 Auto Stryker[]

4x14 Jack with knife

Jack prepares to stab himself

When going undercover as a Dina Araz's hostage to meet Joseph Fayed, Jack drew a Benchmade 9130 Auto Stryker and used it to stab himself in the stomach to fake an injury during his supposed kidnap. He later used the knife at The Hub nightclub, unscrewing a ventilation panel to deploy a robotic camera.

Stun gun[]

4x18 Jack stuns marshal

Knocking out the Federal Marshal

After Joe Prado was released from CTU custody, Jack followed him into the parking lot. He used a stun gun to knock out the Federal Marshal that was accompanying Prado, so that he could interrogate the suspect off the books.

Pneu Dart model 179B[]

Jack tranq2

Jack Bauer armed with Tranquilizer gun in Chinese consulate

In the course of "2:00am-3:00am", Jack Bauer and a team of CTU Tactical Team field agents (including Curtis Manning and Howard Bern) covertly infiltrated the Chinese consulate with the objective to extract Lee Jong. Bauer stressed to his team that it was a black operation, and use of lethal force was prohibited. The entire time Jack was on the inside, he only used the non-lethal Pneu Dart model 179B tranquilizer gun.

Season 5[]

Glock 19[]

Jack with glock19

Jack pulls a Glock 19 handgun from his lounge cushion


Jack aims Glock 19 at Collette Stenger

Jack kept a Glock 19 as a backup sidearm during the events of Day 5. In the morning, Jack was watching a live news broadcast of the assassination of David Palmer on his TV. When a knock at the door startled him, he immediately pulled a Glock model 19 from under his lounge cushion. At the end of the hour, Jack handed Chloe the Glock pistol and told her to head into the refinery.

During the interrogation of Collette Stenger in "9:00pm-10:00pm", Jack disarmed the Marshal guarding her holding room, taking his Glock 19 and using it to threaten Stenger.

HK USP Compact (with and without suppressor)[]


Jack Bauer fires on Haas's men.

On Day 5 Jack Bauer's primary sidearm was the Heckler and Koch USP Compact. He had this gun from start to finish, and used it in:

M18 Smoke Grenade[]


Jack pulls the pin on a grenade

Jack threw three M18 Smoke grenades to cover the helicopter while taking cover at the oil refinery.

Microtech HALO[]


Jack threatens to cut out Walt Cummings's eye

On numerous occasions on Day 5, Jack resorted to the use of his Microtech HALO3 LTD Tactical SBT knife, such as taking out Kohler at the Variel and Topanga refinery and the interrogation of Walt Cummings.

SIG Sauer P225[]

Jack with p225

Jack takes out terrorists with an acquired SIG-Sauer P225

In "Day 5: 10:00am-11:00am," when the CTU Tactical Team assaulted the besieged airport, Jack managed to free himself of his restraints and collect a SIG-Sauer P225 handgun from the floor. He used it to accurately take down several terrorists, as well as attempt to prevent Anton Beresch from committing suicide. This was a "non-gun" prop that resembled the P225.

Surgical scissors[]


Hank, the assassin, stabbed by Jack Bauer

At the end of the fight between Jack and a hired assassin in the CTU medical clinic, Bauer put an end to the intruder by grabbing a pair of medical-grade surgical scissors from the floor and stabbing them into his enemy's neck. Jack finished him by slamming his palm into the end of the tool, stabbing them in to the hilt.


Jack with CZ75

Jack with CZ pistol

During "2:00pm-3:00pm", when the terrorists planted a canister of nerve gas in the Sunrise Hills Shopping Mall's air vents, Jack Bauer managed to get a hold of a CZ-75B handgun from one of the men and chased them. He carried the gun when evacuating the building.


Benchmade 9130 Auto Stryker[]

Jack tac folder season 5

Jack uses his knife to open Malina's skylight

Jack used a Benchmade 9130 Auto Stryker throughout the day: at 5714 Tarrowood Drive, during the Sentox nerve gas attack on CTU Los Angeles, to take out Brennan at 4615 Tarpin Street, at Van Nuys Airfield and on board Flight 520, and to break into Joseph Malina's loft.

Walther PPK/S[]

5x14 Jack disarms Stenger

Jack discovers Collette's gun

After arresting Collette Stenger at Van Nuys Airfield, Jack searched her and discovered she was carrying a stainless steel Walther PPK/S pistol. He threw the gun away before moving her inside a hangar for interrogation.

C-4 explosive[]

5x15 C4

The explosive on the gas lines

Christopher Henderson locked Jack in a bunker with a hidden C-4 bomb set to go off. Jack discovered the device and used it to blow open the door of the bunker, allowing him to escape.

Later, Jack used half a block of C-4 explosive from his bag to ignite the gaslines at the Wilshire Gas Company in order to incinerate the Sentox nerve gas that had been mixed with the gas.

HK SL8[]

Jack with sniperrifle

Jack uses the HK SL8 rifle

The trade-off: Evelyn Martin's daughter Amy for the evidence. Jack Bauer and Wayne Palmer split up to cover positions around the focal point where Martin had to meet Henderson. Jack climbed up to a raised position, finding the location of Henderson's sniper 'Bravo position'. After slitting his throat, Jack took his Heckler and Koch SL8 semi-automatic sniper rifle and used it to take out Henderson's men.

Beretta 92FS[]

5x18 Jack with Beretta

Jack aims at the gas tank

Doug Masters had a Beretta 92 which Jack took off him at gunpoint at Van Nuys Airfield. When Christopher Henderson and his men arrived, Jack gave the weapon back to Masters, but when Masters was shot Jack grabbed it again. He used it to shoot a gas tank, before running into the hangar after Henderson where the gun changed into Jack's HK USP.

HK P2000[]

5x19 P2000

Jack leaves the P2000 with Audrey

Christopher Henderson used a Heckler and Koch P2000 pistol in Day 5. During "Day 5: 1:00am-2:00am," after arresting Henderson, Jack loaded the gun and gave it to Audrey Raines, before leaving. Audrey threatened Henderson several times with the weapon.

Smith & Wesson 4506[]

5x22 Jack Henderson

Jack takes Malina's .45 from Henderson

After the capture of Joseph Malina, Jack Bauer confiscated the gun given to Christopher Henderson. This gun was originally Malina's Smith & Wesson Model 4506, palmed off to Henderson before CTU hit the house. Malina resorted to a Glock 18 on full automatic after Henderson took the S&W.

Before the counter-attack on the Russian nuclear submarine, Henderson told Jack he would not go anywhere without a gun, and asked for Malina's .45. Jack gave him the gun, having discretely emptied the bullets into his bag.

Microtech Makora[]

5x23 Jack with knife

Jack prepares to stab a separatist

Jack used a Microtech Makora to stab Bierko's technician in the neck, inside the Natalia submarine.

CZ 75 "Pre B"[]

5x23 Jack wrestle with gun

Jack wrestles with the gun

One of Vladimir Bierko's men on the Natalia had a CZ 75 "Pre B" pistol which Jack wrestled off him, shooting a gas pipe and Bierko himself, before throwing the gun to the ground and killing the terrorist with the stream of gas.

Stun gun[]

5x24 Jack stun gun

Jack takes out Logan's guards

Jack used a stun gun to incapacitate the Secret Service agents on board Logan's helicopter.

Season 6[]

Piece of firewood[]


Jack after knocking out a guard with the firewood

Jack's first weapon for Day 6 was a branch of firewood, used to knock down Hamri Al-Assad's guard in order to obtain a firearm.

SIG Sauer P229R[]

Jack p229 day6

Jack aims a P229R handgun at Al-Assad

Episode 2 ("Day 6: 7:00am-8:00am"), Jack Bauer raced the Marine air-strike on Hamri Al-Assad's location. Before he went in to get Al-Assad, Jack took down a patrolling guard outside and took his SIG Sauer P229R. Later, Jack took another P229R off Graem's henchman and used it to kill Irv.


6x02 pen stab

Jack tortures Omar

When questioning Omar on the location of Abu Fayed, Jack grabbed a pen from the counter and stabbed it into his shoulder, twisting it to torture him. However, Omar claimed he had no information and Jack relented. Hamri Al-Assad then continued to torture the man using a Piranha Excalibur knife, and Omar revealed Fayed's plans.

HK USP Compact[]

Day 6 Jack USP

Jack with his gun out at Elegra Global

Once Jack was cleared to work alongside of the CTU TAC team and Curtis Manning, he re-armed with his weapon of choice, the Heckler and Koch USP Compact. Jack kept this weapon for the entire day, using it during the following situations:

Benchmade 9130 Auto Stryker[]

6x06 Jack with knife

Jack releases Graem

Jack had a Benchmade 9130 Auto Stryker that he used to cut Graem Bauer's bonds after interrogating him.

Mossberg 590[]

Jack shotgun23

Jack Bauer storms into the apartment, armed with a Mossberg 590 pump-action shotgun

During "1:00pm-2:00pm", when Abu Fayed had Morris O'Brian hostage in an apartment building, Jack Bauer led the CTU TAC Team that assaulted the room. They breached the wall a second before O'Brian was about to be shot, and Jack Bauer leapt through the smoke cloud with a Mossberg 590 pump-action shotgun.

Remington 700[]

6x10 Jack's weapon drawer

The Remington 700PSS beneath the vest

In the weapons drawer of Jack's car at the Grandmont Hotel he had two Remington 700 rifles: on the right hand side, a Remington 700PSS, and on the left a Remington 700 with an Accuracy International Chassis System. However, he did not use either weapon.

Glock 19[]

6x10 weapons drawer

The Glock pistols

Also in Jack's weapon drawer were two Glock 19 pistols, but again he did not use them.

NATO Military OTF[]

6x13 Jack with knife

Jack with the knife and his Makarov

Vasili drew a NATO Military OTF after Jack tried to escape in the Russian consulate - however Jack disarmed him. After killing Vasili he took the knife himself and used it to cut his bonds.

Makarov PM[]

Jack Makarov

Jack fires back at the Russians with a Makarov pistol

During Jack Bauer's infiltration into the Russian consulate he escaped his captors. Whilst on the run, Jack used the Russian's standard issue firearm, the Makarov pistol.

Monkey wrench[]


Jack grabs a wrench from the floor to use against Fayed

During the hand-to-hand fight with Abu Fayed, Jack resorted to swinging a monkey wrench he found on the floor of the workshop. The weapon was short-lived.

C-4 explosive[]

6x19 C4

Jack prepares the explosive

When planning to exchange the FB subcircuit board for Audrey Raines, Jack prepared a charge of C-4 explosive intended to destroy himself and the circuit board once Audrey was safe. However, due to Mike Doyle's intervention, he was unable to detonate the bomb and Cheng Zhi got away with the component.

Beretta Px4 Storm[]

6x20 Jack with Px4

Jack after breaking from holding to find Audrey

After knocking out Mike Doyle in CTU holding, Jack took Mike's Beretta Px4 Storm. However, when he reached the clinic it had changed into a SIG P228. The next hour, after escaping holding again, Jack took another Px4 Storm from Benson, the guard. Jack killed two of Zhou Yong's mercenaries with the weapon, but then it too changed into a SIG P228.

SIG Sauer P228[]

Jack day6 p228

Jack with a P228 in Day 6

For a brief period in Episode 20, the Px4 Storm Jack was carrying turned into a black SIG Sauer P228. He aimed it at Nadia Yassir, Doyle, and the CTU TAC Team who had cut through a locked door to reach him and Audrey Raines. After the stand off, Jack lowered the weapon and dropped it to the floor. Later, during the siege of CTU, another Beretta Px4 Storm changed into a P228. He used it when helping Josh Bauer escape, but it was taken off him by Ike when he was captured.

HK G36C Carbine[]

Jack with G36c

Jack wields a G36c

During the siege of CTU, Jack Bauer broke free from holding and took a Heckler and Koch G36C carbine from one of the intruders. He located Marilyn Bauer and her son Josh, and attempted to help them escape the building by using the rifle to block a fan for Josh to climb through.

HK MP7A1 Personal Defense Weapon[]

Jack with an mp7

Jack shoots an MP7 at the Chinese

In the final hour of Day 6, Bill Buchanan flew Jack Bauer out to the oil rig on which Phillip Bauer was holding Josh Bauer. During the assault on the rig, Jack geared up with a Heckler and Koch MP7A1 PDW, and used it to take out several men and blow up some of the oil barrels.

Colt Gov't/M1911 Series 80[]

Jack with Colt

Jack aims a Colt pistol at his father

When Phillip Bauer was attempting to take a small boat out to meet with the Chinese submarine, Josh Bauer saw the opportunity to take his grandfather's Colt Government .45 ACP handgun. After Josh shot him, Jack found them near the water level of the oil rig and took the gun from Josh. After Josh leaves to get to the helicopter, Jack used the weapon to attempt to take his father into custody.

Beretta 92FS (suppressed)[]


Jack points a suppressed Beretta 92FS at James Heller

Within the final minutes of Day 6, Jack Bauer used a Beretta 92FS handgun to threaten James Heller, forcing him to let Jack see Audrey Raines.


Ontario 102 Spec Tactical Hunter[]

7x00 Jack with knife

Jack digging out the land mine beneath Benton's foot

In Jack's bag of possessions at the Okavango School he had an Ontario 102 knife. Willie attempted to steal it, but Jack caught him and made him give the knife back. Later, Jack used it after running out of ammunition during the school attack, and stabbed a militia rifleman with the knife before taking his weapon. Later he wielded it in a hand to hand fight with two more of Dubaku's men, but it was knocked to the ground. Jack retrieved the knife and later tried to use it to disarm a land mine that Carl Benton stepped on, but Benton told him there wasn't enough time as he did not have the right tools.

CZ 52[]

Glock in a box

The CZ 52 on the left

In Carl Benton's box of weapons at the Okavango School, there was a CZ 52 pistol and a Glock 19. Jack reached in and grabbed the CZ 52, however in the next shot the gun in his hand switched to the Glock 19 which he then used against the rebels.

Glock 19[]


Jack with his glock

After being informed of the incoming attack on the Okavango School, Jack Bauer took a Glock 19 from Carl Benton's box of weapons. He used it to kill several African rebels who attacked the school, but discarded it once he ran out of ammo. Later he took another Glock 19 from Benton when they left the bus, and used it during the street shoot-out before the evacuation.


7x00 Jack with dynamite

Jack throwing his lit dynamite at his enemies

Jack also took some sticks of dynamite from Carl Benton's box of weapons. He used it during the school attack - firstly to blow up one of the rebels' vehicles, killing two men; secondly to distract the remaining rebels before shooting at them; and lastly to kill a rebel hiding behind a log pile.



Jack prepares the AK

After stabbing a militia man during the school attack, Jack grabbed an AK rifle from him and used it to take out several more soldiers. The rifle appears to be a Vector R4 or R5 made up to look like an AKM or Norinco Type 84.

Short Magazine Lee-Enfield (SMLE) No.4 Mk.I[]


Jack shoots at the rebel helicopter with the SMLE

Carl Benton had a Short Magazine Lee-Enfield (SMLE) No.4 Mk.I in his vehicle which he equipped when rescuing Jack Bauer from captivity at the Okavango School. They took the rifle with them when evacuating the school, and Thomas took it when they entered the forest on foot. When Iké Dubaku started firing at them from a helicopter, Jack took the SMLE from Thomas and used it to shoot out critical flight components, while Benton created a distraction. Jack then gave the rifle back to Benton, and he surrendered the gun before blowing up Dubaku's men with a land mine.

Season 7[]

HK USP Compact[]


Jack with his primary sidearm

Jack was given his weapon of choice back after he worked with the FBI. He used this weapon to:

Glock 19[]

7x03 Jack with Glock

Jack breaks Tony out of custody

Jack Bauer took this gun from Renee Walker while escaping the FBI building he used a sleeper move on Renee and then took her gun. He used it when escaping from the building with Tony, although it briefly changed to an HK USP during the scene.

Beretta 92FS[]


Jack holds a hostage

Somewhere during 11am-12pm, Jack and Tony went into Emerson's hideout. Suspecting he was set up, he attacked Morgan and used Morgan's Beretta 92FS to hold him hostage and to convince Emerson that he was on his side, where he later released him and dropped the gun. Later, at around 6:30pm, he took a Beretta from a marine and threatened Bill Buchanan with it, as he prepared to interrogate Ryan Burnett in the White House.

HK MP7A1 Personal Defense Weapon[]


Jack raids Dubaku's building

Jack used an MP7 submachine gun during the kidnap of the Matobos from 167 Foxhall Road. Later, after tracking the Matobos to the Ritter Building, Jack, Tony and Bill broke into the complex, where Jack shot and killed several guards with this MP7.

Golf club[]

7x04 Jack golf club

Jack begins tearing down the wall

After Ule Matobo and his wife locked themselves in a safe room at their residence, Jack found a bag of golf clubs and used one of them to start hacking away at the wall to the room. However, beneath the plaster he found a reinforced concrete wall.

Smith & Wesson SW99[]


Jack is forced to shoot Renee

David Emerson gave Jack a SW99 to kill Renee Walker with, but Jack just shot her in the neck to keep her alive.

ASW338LM rifle[]


Jack aims at Nichols' men

Anticipating that Nichols' men would kill Tony once he handed them the Matobos, Jack took cover in a high spot of Northwoods Airfield, where he killed the to-be-killer, and fired a warning shot at Nichols, making him surrender his weapon.

DKW Sandshark[]


Jack struggles with Vossler

Corrupt Secret Service agent Edward Vossler pulled this knife during 3pm-4pm. After a brief struggle, Jack grabbed Vossler's arm and stabbed the knife into his stomach, killing him.

Kimber Warrior[]

7x10 Jack with Kimber

Jack arrests Dubaku

Iké Dubaku had a Kimber Warrior with him when he was arrested by Jack, and Jack found the gun before throwing it out of Dubaku's reach.

Advanced Taser M26[]


Jack attacks Ryan Burnett

After entering the White House and subduing Bill Buchanan, Jack took an Advanced Taser M26 from a marine and used it to incapacitate Ryan Burnett. He then used the device to repeatedly shock Burnett in order to coerce him in to giving up information about a possible terrorist attack. He also used the taser to destroy an intercom.

H&K G36C[]

7x13 Jack with G36

Jack fires from behind cover

During the FBI's rescue operation on the White House, Jack took a Heckler & Koch G36C carbine from a fallen Juma commando and took out two other soldiers while prone on the ground.

Letter opener[]

7x14 knife

The knife in Jack's hand

At 951 Deerbrook Avenue, Jack grabbed a curved blade letter opener and used it to threaten Blaine Mayer. He pocketed the knife after Mayer agreed to help him.

Screwdriver & wooden post[]

7x14 Jack with post

Killing John Quinn

At a construction site, after getting into a fight with John Quinn, Jack threw a screwdriver into his chest. He then picked up a wooden post which he used to drive the tool into Quinn's heart, killing him.

Custom M4/CQBR[]


Jack fires upon Starkwood mercenaries

Jack Bauer used a heavily modded M4/CQBR Mk18 rifle (with supressor, Aimpoint Comp M4 sight, Aimpoint flip to side magnifier and custom rear stock) during the shootout with the Starkwood mercenaries.

SIG Sauer P228[]

7x23 Jack with SIG

Jack holds Renee Walker at gunpoint

After his daughter was threatened by Cara Bowden, Jack was forced to release Tony Almeida from custody. He drew his gun on Renee Walker and another FBI agent, and took their weapons: a Glock 19 and a SIG Sauer P228. He held them at gunpoint with the P228, although it kept switching into a Glock 19 in several shots. After releasing Tony, he gave the P228 to him.



Jack kills one of the surgeons

After being captured by Tony Almeida, three surgeons prepared to operate on Jack to harvest the prion variant from his body. He grabbed a scalpel from a nearby trolley and killed two of the surgeons with it, before choking the remaining doctor to death.

Season 8[]

Heckler and Koch USP Compact[]


Jack fires

Jack took a USP compact from Victor Aruz in episode 1 and also got another from the CTU Armory in episode 2. It was his signature weapon during Day 8, using it when recovering the fuel rods, protecting President Hassan and taking revenge on the Russian conspirators.

Microtech LUDT[]

8x01 Jack with knife

Seeing to Aruz's wound

Jack had a Microtech LUDT knife with him in the first episode of the season, using it to cut a strip of material from a mattress in order to bind Victor Aruz's gunshot wound.

Fire axe[]


Jack kills the Red Square men

Jack ambushed two hitmen with a fire axe, hitting one in the chest and pushing the other off 8 flights of stairs.

Heckler & Koch MP5K-PDW[]


Jack's MP5

Jack took an MP5K-PDW from the Red Square hitman and carried it until he got Victor Aruz to Cole Ortiz.

Bread knife[]


Lugo dies

After Renee unintentionally stabbed Jack, he took the bread knife from his midriff and threw it into Lugo Elson's throat, as he prepared to fire on Renee.

Jumper cables[]

8x08 Dimitri Shocked

Jack escapes from torture

During his interrogation, Jack grabbed the jumper cables with his feet and shocked Dimitri.

Paragon OTF ATKO Model 10 TP[]

8x08 Jack with knife

Jack cuts his bonds

Jack took a Paragon OTF knife from Dimitri, and used it to cut his bonds. He later stabbed Bazhaev's man with the knife when he tried to check the fuse box.

Beretta 92FS[]

8x08 Jack with Beretta

In Bazhaev's restaurant


Jack takes a police officer hostage

Jack took a Beretta 92 from Dimitri in Bazhaev's restaurant and shot two henchmen through door. Later, he took a Beretta off a NYPD police officer and then disassembled it in Episode 20.

Steyr SPP[]


Jack leaps through the air firing his Steyr

Jack took a Steyr SPP from Andre and used it in the shootout in Bazhaev's restaurant.



Jack fires the M4

Jack used an M4A1 with an EOTech 517 holographic sight in the shootout with Ali and his snipers.

Model 7920M Mini Bang[]

8x14 Jack with grenade

Jack prepares to smoke out the commandos


Jack's flashbang

During the shootout with Adrion Bishop and his commandos in Day 8: 5:00am-6:00am, Jack drew several 7920M stun grenades, although he used them as smoke grenades in the episode. Later, in Day 8: 10:00am-11:00am, he drew another grenades at 141 Juniper Valley Road, but didn't use it. In the following episode he used it when escaping from 14633 12th Street, this time as a flashbang to their true purpose.

Smith & Wesson SW99[]

8x16 SW99 2

Jack finds the SW99

During the assault on the Holland Avenue tenement, Jack shot one of Samir Mehran's men and discovered an SW99 on his corpse. Jack discharged the gun's magazine, and left it on a ledge before continuing his mission.

Heckler and Koch MP7A1[]

8x19 main

Jack's MP7A1

Jack was given an HK MP7A1 by Jim Ricker, which he used when confronting Cole and his men at 141 Juniper Valley Road.

Taurus Judge[]

8x20 Jack with Taurus

Jack with the Taurus

Jack used a Taurus Judge with .410 shot shells when rescuing Dana Walsh at 14633 12th Street. This is one of the weapons he got from Jim Ricker.

Springfield M1A1[]


Jack with Pavel's rifle

After kidnapping Pavel Tokarev, Jack found Pavel's rifle which he identified as a Springfield M1A1.

Microtech Combat Troodon[]

8x21 Jack with knife

Jack threatens Pavel

Jack used a Microtech Troodon with Wharncliffe-style blade to carve open Pavel Tokarev's stomach to extract Pavel's SIM card, as well as revenge for killing Renee Walker.

Colt Model 933[]


Jack fires on the motorcade

Jack used the Model 933 with a C-More Sight to wound one of the Secret Service agents when attacking Charles Logan's motorcade.

M26 MASS (Modular Accessory Shotgun System)[]


Jack aims the MASS

Jack was given this weapon by Jim Ricker and used it to create a hole in Charles Logan's limo windscreen.



Jack's grenade during the limo attack

After breaking through Charles Logan's windscreen, Jack pushed an ALSG978 CS gas grenade into the vehicle to force Logan outside.

Remington 870[]


Chambering a round

Jack used an 870 in the attack on Mikhail Novakovich. He never fired it on screen but was seen chambering a shell in the car park.

Microtech Scarab[]

8x22 Jack with knife

Jack struggles with Novakovich's guard

When infiltrating Mikhail Novakovich's office, Jack was stabbed by one of the guards using a Microtech Scarab. However Jack grabbed the knife and forced it into the man's stomach, killing him.

Fireplace poker[]


Novakovich, impaled by Jack

Jack used a fireplace poker to impale Mikhail Novakovich through the stomach.



Jack aims the FN

Jack used an FN SCAR-L with a scope, laser designator and bipod to threaten Charles Logan, and almost assassinated Russian President Yuri Suvarov with it.

Live Another Day[]

Glock 17[]

9x01 Jack with Glock

Jack fires on the CIA with Miller's Glock

9x01 Jack Dean

Jack threatens Dean with Ritter's Glock

Jack Bauer took a Glock 17 from Miller and shot at other CIA agents with it before discarding it. Later, he took Erik Ritter's Glock when escaping CIA custody and held Dean at gunpoint with it. He was made to drop it by Kate Morgan. In episode 3 he grabbed another Glock from an armed police officer and shot two protesters with it.

HK P30[]

9x10 Jack P30

Jack threatens Steve Navarro

From episode 2 onwards, Jack's new weapon of choice was the HK P30. He used it to hold Open Cell at gunpoint, and later in West Ealing he held Mick hostage with the weapon. He also drew it in the toilets of The Vauxhall Griffin after discovering Derrick Yates's body. During the penultimate episode, he used it with a suppressor. Jack also traded police 2 empty P30 magazines for 2 loaded ones.

Benchmade 42 Bali-Song[]

9x02 Jack grab knife

Jack grabs the knife

In Basher's flat, Jack grabbed a balisong knife and slashed Basher's throat, before stabbing one of his men to death with it.

SIG-Sauer P226R[]

9x06 Jack P226

Jack loads up his weapon

At Willoughby House, after being authorized by the president to take in Margot Al-Harazi, Jack loaded up a SIG-Sauer P226R, but was not seen using it.

Steyr M9-A1[]

9x06 Jack M9

Jack fires on Rask's men

Jack took a Steyr M9-A1 from Karl Rask and used it to kill several of Rask's henchmen.

Heckler & Koch HK416[]

9x12 Jack HK416

Jack shoots at a cabin door with his HK416

Jack used a suppressed Heckler & Koch HK416 with EOTech sight and 10.5 inch barrel during the assault on the Letitcia freighter.


9x12 cleaver

Jack grabbing a cleaver during the shootout

During a shootout with guards on the Letitcia, Jack grabbed a cleaver in the ship's galley and threw it at one of the guards, killing him.

SOG-TAC Auto[]

Jacks Knife

Jack ready to stab the henchman

Before entering Cheng's control room on the Letitcia, Jack took out an SOG-TAC Auto with straight satin drop point blade. He stabbed one of Cheng's men in the neck with the blade and used him as a human body shield.



Holding Cheng hostage

Jack took a nearby Katana and put the sword on Cheng Zhi's neck to force him to confess on screen that he was alive and was responsible for the sinking of the Chinese aircraft carrier Shenyang. He then decapitated Cheng with it as revenge for having Audrey murdered.

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