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Wei was the President of the People's Republic of China during Day 9.

Day 9 Edit

At 9:15pm GMT, President Wei spoke with U.S. President James Heller via video conference regarding the unprovoked sinking of the Shenyang, a Chinese aircraft carrier, by a U.S. nuclear submarine. Heller informed his counterpart that the result of a malicious breach of U.S. defense infrastructure, perpetrated by former Chinese intelligence agent Cheng Zhi, and implored Wei to refrain from military retaliation until the United States could capture Cheng and his override device. Wei did not believe him, reminding Heller that he had vocally opposed the Shenyang's deployment to the Mediterranean, and explained that China regarded this incident as an act of war.

Following the conference, British Prime Minister Alastair Davies also attempted to reach out to President Wei and assure him of the override's existence, but was equally unsuccessful. ("Day 9: 9:00pm-10:00pm")

President Heller later contacted Wei again trying to convince him to stop before his naval fleet reached Okinawa, but Wei had checked with all of his officials who confirm Cheng's death and he refused to believe Heller unless he got proof that Cheng was still alive.

As the United States and China were about to exchange the first shots of the war, Jack Bauer captured Cheng and had CIA analyst Gavin Leonard confirm his identity using facial and voice recognition software. Once this was accomplished, President Heller contacted President Wei, and sent him proof of the terrorist's survival in the form of a recording of his video call with Jack and Cheng and their facial and voice recognition matches. Wei replied that he needed time to verify it however. While Heller was willing to give him time, he warned Wei that if he wouldn't withdraw his fleet near Japan immediately, the American fleet would be forced to open fire. After a moment's hesitation, Wei agreed on the condition that Heller would discuss with him reparations for the destruction of the Shenyang and the dead sailors. Heller agreed to his request, and Wei called off his fleet, narrowly ending the threat of war. ("Day 9: 10:00pm-11:00am")

Background information and notesEdit

  • In the deleted scenes, Ron Clark indicates that Wei did not want a war anymore than they did from things he had told them but was being pressured into it with Ron believing that if they could get Wei enough proof, he would back down.

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