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West 21st was the address of a building and a parking structure in New York. The building was three doors from 9th Avenue.

Day 8 Edit

Jack Bauer was transporting informant Victor Aruz to the 12th Precinct when he was ambushed by two terrorists. After getting inside a building in West 21st, he contacted CTU to inform them of the situation. Director of Field Operations Cole Ortiz and his men were already in route to pick up Aruz, but when Jack informed them they decided to land on a parking structure at the same address. On his way up, Jack managed to kill the two terrorists that were pursuing them. Then, Ortiz informed him that he could get on the roof of the parking structure through the 8th floor of the building.

When Aruz was about to get in the helicopter, Davros fired a Stinger missile from a nearby building blowing up the helicopter and killing Aruz, and agents Torres and Johnson. Ortiz then called CTU to have them pick him and Jack up.


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