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Agent White was a CTU Los Angeles field agent active during Day 4.

Day 4[]

Agent White accompanied Agent Bergen and was driven with intelligence agent Chloe O'Brian to the home of informant Nabilla Al-Jamil at 1482 Franklin in Los Feliz, Los Angeles, not far from CTU. Upon arriving, they met Nabilla and the two agents searched through her home for evidence concerning the terrorist activities of Nabilla's boyfriend, Sabir Ardakani. Sabir's co-technician, Robert Morrison, learned that Nabilla might be an informant, and sent a hitman to her address to silence her. The hitman killed White covertly but made some noise doing so. As Bergen drew his weapon to investigate, the hitman emerged and shot him down. After a brief pursuit, the shooter was slain by Chloe with a CTU assault rifle before he could reach his target, Nabilla.

Background information and notes[]

Trace Cheramie

Different actor

  • Two different performers portrayed the character of White in the episode. When driving towards 1482 Franklin, one performer is seen in the passenger seat of the car (see infobox picture). However once he exits the car at the house, he is then portrayed by Trace Cheramie (see picture on right).

Live appearances[]