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The White House Chief of Staff is a high ranking position in the U.S. executive branch, and the holder of this office serves as chief advisor to the President of the United States of America.

Notable Chiefs of Staff Edit

Picture Name Served during Status
Mike Novick Mike Novick Day 2
Day 5
Mike Novick was the Chief of Staff to Senator David Palmer and when Palmer won the presidency, Mike stayed on board as the White House Chief of Staff. When Novick conspired with Vice President Jim Prescott to remove Palmer from office, he was fired. Novick was later a member of President Charles Logan's administration and he became Chief of Staff when Walt Cummings was exposed as a mole and apparently committed suicide. It was later discovered Walt was murdered by Sentox nerve gas conspirators loyal to Logan.
S6wayne Wayne Palmer Day 3 Deceased
When Mike Novick was fired as the Chief of Staff to President David Palmer, the president hired his brother Wayne to be Mike's successor. Wayne served as the Chief of Staff during Day 3, though he offered his resignation when Alan Milliken demanded for David to fire him. Wayne continued to serve as the chief of staff for the rest of his brother's term, as David didn't seek re-election.
Chief Walt Cummings Walt Cummings Day 4
Day 5
When President John Keeler became incapacitated, due to an attack on Air Force One, Vice President Charles Logan was sworn in as President. Walt Cummings served as Logan's Chief of Staff in Day 4 and in the first several hours of Day 5. When it was learned Walt committed treason, he was arrested and fired. He then apparently committed suicide, though it was learned he was murdered later in the day.
Tomlennox Tom Lennox Day 6
Tom Lennox was the Chief of Staff under Presidents Wayne Palmer and Noah Daniels. Wayne and Tom disagreed on to handle a National Security crisis, but Tom stayed by the president. When Reed Pollock conspired with officials to have Wayne assassinated, Tom attempted to warn the president, before being captured.
Ethan Kanin S7 Ethan Kanin Redemption
Day 7
Formerly the Secretary of Defense in the Wayne Palmer and Noah Daniels administration, Ethan Kanin was appointed as the Chief of Staff under President Allison Taylor. He was forced to resign in the middle of the night when Olivia Taylor had blackmailed him out of the job. Olivia was later taken into custody for her role in the murder of Jonas Hodges and Kanin was reinstated as Chief of Staff in the last hour of day 7.
OliviaTaylor Olivia Taylor Day 7 Alive
Olivia Taylor was asked by President Allison Taylor to step in as acting Chief of Staff after Ethan Kanin resigned when it was believed that Jack Bauer had killed Ryan Burnett and Senator Blaine Mayer after Kanin had ordered Bauer's release from federal custody. Olivia was taken into custody later in the day for her role in the murder of Jonas Hodges and Kanin was reinstated as Chief of Staff.
Rob Weiss S8 Rob Weiss Day 8 Alive
Rob Weiss was brought to President Allison Taylor by Ethan Kanin to replace him as he became Secretary of State.
Day 9- White House Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau (Tate Donovan) Mark Boudreau Day 9 Alive

Background information and notes Edit

  • The White House Chief of Staff holds a very influential position in the executive branch, and in real life is often informally referred to as "The Second Most Powerful Man in Washington".
  • All the White House Chiefs of Staff in 24 except Ethan Kanin have committed crimes:
    1. Mike Novick ordered the illegal detention of Lynne Kresge, which resulted in her going into coma;
    2. Wayne Palmer committed a burglary in Day 3, even saying "I'm Chief of Staff to the President of the United States, and I’m committing a burglary";
    3. Walt Cummings was part of the Sentox nerve gas conspiracy;
    4. Tom Lennox briefly conspired with his Deputy White House Chief of Staff Reed Pollock to have Wayne Palmer assassinated, although Lennox stepped down and tried to save Palmer;
    5. Olivia Taylor was implicated in the murder of Jonas Hodges;
    6. Rob Weiss committed treason with General Brucker in order to save Manhattan;
    7. and Mark Boudreau committed an act of fraud by forging President Heller's signature on an extradition document.
  • John Keeler's Chief of Staff was never explicitly named on-screen, presumably meaning that either Walt Cummings already occupied the role under Keeler and simply continued it when Charles Logan became president, or else Keeler's Chief of Staff was killed or injured in the attack on Air Force One.
  • Three White House Chief of Staffs became arrested after each other; Olivia Taylor during Day 7, Rob Weiss during Day 8 and Mark Boudreau during Day 9.
  • Walt Cummings was the only White House Chief of Staff who died during this job.
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