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This specific section of the Bullpen is focusing on changes and improvements that need to be made to site's novels pages. It includes in-depth descriptions for each of the novel as to what is required to make it up to the standard that the Wiki expects. For the example of a perfect Novel page, see Trinity.


Novels currently with incomplete character articles (in that the character articles are either incomplete with information or do not currently exist):

Main page[]

Novels that need amendments to their main page (in that their page does not have an overview, official summary, timeline section, or format section):

Episode guides[]

Novels that currently do not have full episode guide (in that they do not have descriptions that list the events that happen in each hour, with a separate sub-heading for each hour):


Or minor things that can improve articles for novels:

  • More in the "Memorable quotes" sections.
  • Typos in the novels included in the "Background information and notes" section.
  • Scans of pages to break up the articles.

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