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Canon refers to the body of work that is considered to be "genuine" or "official" within a certain fictional universe.

P O L I C Y   S H O R T C U T  :  Canon policy

In the case of the 24verse, the only canon source of information is the television series itself. While the creators of 24 have never explicitly stated their views on the canonicity of the 24 novels, comics or games, we at Wiki 24 have chosen to accept information from all official sources of 24 story material. In the case of contradictory information, we utilize the following order of precedence to determine which facts are "true."

  1. TV series - Information from the television show overrides contradictory facts from any other source.
  2. DVD Prequels - Prequel episodes included on DVD releases are completely official.
  3. Related spin-offs - 24: The Game, The Rookie, and 24: Day Zero were all made with the participation of people involved in the TV show.
  4. Website - The character profiles on are a semi-official source of information, though they may be contradicted by the TV show at any time.
  5. Other novels, comics & games - Other fiction books, comics and games are considered a form of "official" fan fiction. They are created without the participation of the show's creators, but as long as it doesn't contradict anything shown on TV, information culled from these stories is fit for inclusion in Wiki 24.

In this list, information from a source higher on the list overrides information contradicting it lower on the list. For example, information from would take precedence over information from the comic book Midnight Sun. In the case of contradictory information from two or more sources at the same level of canonicity, the newest source takes precedence.


  • Information from DVD deleted scenes & closed captioning, scripts, episode credits, Fox press releases and out-of-universe sections of are NOT considered canon. However, these sources can be used to cull character names and spellings, provided there's no contradiction with any in-universe source. Other "unofficial" out-of-universe sources, such as IMDb or interviews, cannot be used for such purpose. Articles can be created for non-canonical material, but they must be written from an out-of-universe perspective, such as the articles found in Category:Non-canon characters.
  • Out-of-universe sources of information such as cast and crew interviews, trailers and 24: The Official Magazine are secondary information sources, much like Wiki 24 itself, but are never to be considered canon. Only facts from in-universe sources are permitted in the main body of in-universe articles.
  • The Indian version of 24 is a remake of the original series, and as such takes place in a separate in-universe continuity. Pages within the separate universe are distinguishable by the Indian icons: IN1.jpg, IN2.jpg, etc. Separate pages should be made for real-world places and things referenced by both universes, e.g. Thailand and Thailand/India.