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Sidebar template Edit

This is the template that should be used on every actor page. Fill out the required fields and then put it at the top of the page. If you don't have a 24-related behind the scenes picture, re-use the picture of that actor playing his or her role. If you don't know the date/place of birth and don't want to look it up, leave it blank instead of putting "Unknown."

|image = [[File:PICTURENAME.jpg|200px]]
|birthplace = City, State/Province, Country
|birthdate = Month Day, Year
|role = [[Character name]]}}

Essential information Edit

The following information should also be on every actor page, following the sidebar.

'''ACTOR NAME''' played [[CHARACTER NAME]] during [[Season X]] of ''[[24]]''.

== External links ==
* {{imdb|name/nmxxxxxxx}}

The "nmxxxxxxx" number can be found in the URL for an actor's IMDb page.

[[Category:Actors|LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME]]

Other sections Edit

== Biography ==

Include any information of interest regarding the actor, so long as it is not copied and pasted from any source. We do not accept material that has been lifted verbatim from an outside source.

== Selected filmography ==
* Title 1 (year)
* Title 2 (year)

=== Television appearances ===
* Title 1 (year)
* Title 2 (year)

Filmography information should go in reverse chronological order, with the most recent appearances first. Include the year of release. If there are notable TV appearances, make a sub-section. There is no need to include character names or exhaustive filmography information. That's what the IMDb link is for.

Appearances on 24 should be put in the character section, not under the actor that plays that character!

== External links ==

* {{imdb|name/nmxxxxxxx}}

External links should be the last thing on the page. Every actor page should have an IMDb link. Other notable links can be included in the format shown above.

Excellent examples of actor pages are Kiefer Sutherland and Mia Kirshner.

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