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New character pages must conform to the established style. Use the template below to create properly formatted articles for new characters. To use it, copy it directly from below (do not copy the wiki-text from the Edit page, as that contains formatting which ruins actual character pages), paste it to the new page, and fill in the fields with the capital-letter placeholders as necessary. See below for important policies and tips regarding character pages.

Character page template Edit

{{sidebar| image = [[Image:NoImageYet-200px.gif|200px]] |
seasons = [[Season X|X]], [[Season Y|Y]] |
firstseen = [[Day X ZZ:00am-ZZ:00am]] |
lastseen = [[Day Y AA:00am-AA:00am]] |
actor = [[ACTOR NAME]]}}

'''Character name''' followed by a brief introduction of the character, so that the character's name is the subject of the sentence.

== Day X ==

This is the body of the article. Write here the events pertaining to the character during that Day (season), comic series, novel, or other 24 source.

== Day Y ==

If the character appears in more than one Day or source, create the necessary number of subheadings and insert the information under that source subheading. Ignore this if the character makes a single Season, novel, or comic series appearance.

== Appearances ==
=== Day X ===

{{AppearancesX | 1a-2a=yes | 2a-3a=yes}}

=== Day Y ===

{{AppearancesY | 8a-9a=yes}}

[[Category:Characters|LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME]]
[[Category:Day X Characters|LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME]]
[[Category:Deceased characters|LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME]]
Or: [[Category:Living characters|LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME]]
Or: [[Category:Characters of unknown status|LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME]]
Add and remove other categories as needed! Look at the categories of related characters to find pertinent categories.
[[Category:Articles needing images|LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME]]

Novel and comics characters Edit

Characters who have appeared in one or more of the 24 novels and comics receive the same overall page structure as characters from the television show. The only differences are the names of the article subheadings, the content of the appearances subheading, and the types of categories which are used. See Moira O'Neal for a featured example of a comics character and how to structure such a page.

If a character has appeared only in one or more of the 24 novels, the character should be given [[Category:Novel characters]] instead of a Day # category. The category [[Category:Comics characters]], on the other hand, is used not only for comics-only characters, but also for any character from another medium which had a comics appearance.

Policies and tips Edit

  • Note that it is the current established policy of this wiki to use only "Alive", "Deceased" and "Unknown" as statuses.
    • Status options such as "Presumed deceased", "Alive (comatose)", "Deceased (shot)", and other variations are not valid.
    • If a character is not explicitly seen or mentioned to be dead, but events imply that the character will soon be killed, his or her status is listed as "Unknown" on account of the uncertainty and ambiguity.
  • A "Background information and notes" section can be added after the article body summaries of the character's actions in each season, and a "Memorable quotes" section is also welcome.
  • Put the character in whatever additional categories apply, but remember to add the |LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME part so that the character sorts by surname.
  • A featured example of a quality character page is Christopher Henderson.
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