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On this page we will add information and news about Wiki 24 including major community events and significant project changes.

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9,000th article Edit

  • 19th June 2018

Wiki 24 now has over 9,000 articles!

8,000th article Edit

  • 16th October 2016

Wiki 24 has now reached 8,000 articles!

10 years old Edit

  • 29th September 2015

Wiki 24 is now 10 years old.

7,000th article Edit

  • 14th June 2014

Wiki 24 has now reached 7,000 articles!

6,000th article Edit

  • 19th November 2012

As of Christopher September, Wiki 24 has 6,000 articles!

Last episode guide completed Edit

  • 3rd August 2010

Today, Pyramidhead completed the last episode guide on Wiki 24, Day 8: 12:00pm-1:00pm. Well done to Pyramidhead, and a great job to users all around who have written episode guides for us!

5,000th article Edit

  • 27th May 2010

A truly historic moment for Wiki 24. As of Melissa Anderson, we have 5,000 articles!

No finish line Edit

  • 25th May 2010

Despite the close of the television series, the editors at Wiki 24 know that this project knows no finish line. Over at Forum:Wiki 24: The Ultimate Project, the community is slowly beginning to organize an expansive effort to shape the wiki into the single most complete source for 24 information. Though many seasons have been signed for by individual editors, any user can assist with the work.

There are countless wikis that exist for movies, television shows, book series, and other media stories that are no longer active. But we're not there yet. The 24 film is in production and in the meantime, we have many strides to take before our work will be done with the television episodes and expanded universe content.

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