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This is the documentation for Template:Sidebar.


To include this template on a page, use the following syntax:

  • Spaces are not necessary, but may be included to make the sidebar easier to read and edit.
  • Enter the values just as you would like them to appear on the page.


This template uses the following parameters:

  • image
The image to be used in the sidebar, e.g. [[File:S2e5.jpg|300px]]
  • name
The name of the person or character, or the title of the episode or book.
  • title
The title bolded against a blue background on the sidebar. Defaults to the {{{name}}} field if no input is given.
  • width
The width of the sidebar, in pixels, e.g. 300px. Defaults to 250px.
  • left
The width of the left sidebar column, as a percentage or absolute pixel value. Defaults to 33%.
  • line
Setting this parameter adds a line to separate in-universe from out-of-universe information, such as actor and seasons.
  • sidebarstyle
CSS lines to customize the appearance of the entire sidebar table.
  • titlestyle
CSS lines to customize only the sidebar's title cell.


  • birthdate
The character's date of birth, if known
  • birthplace
The character's place of birth, if known
  • father
The character's father, if stated, italicized if deceased
  • mother
The character's mother, if stated, italicized if deceased
  • siblings
Any known siblings, italicized if deceased
  • age
The character's age on a particular day, if known
  • nationality
The character's country of citizenship, if known.
  • religion
The character's practiced religion, if known.
  • residence
A list of locations where the character is known to have lived, from most recent to least (only if their residence was shown or otherwise explicitly stated)
  • education
A list of schools and/or degrees the character attended/received
  • alias
A list of the character's known aliases.
  • affiliation
Major groups, organizations, or military branches the character was a member of, from most recent to least
  • profession
Positions the character is shown or stated to have filled, from most recent to least
  • rank
For military-only characters, their highest rank
  • marital
The character's most recent marital status; one of "Married/Divorced/Widow/Widower/Separated"
  • spouse
A list of the character's spouses, with qualifiers in parentheses
  • sigothers
A list of the character's non-spouse significant others, from most recent to least
  • children
A list of the character's children
  • others
The character's other family members, with the relation in parentheses, in generational order
  • deathdate
The character's date and time of death, if known. If during a season, use the form [[Day 3]]: [[Day 3: 12:00am-1:00am|12:04am]]
  • deathcause
The character's cause of death, if applicable; e.g. Shot by [[Jack Bauer]]
  • status
Whether a character is alive, deceased, or unknown. Use only these three values.
  • actor
The actor playing the character. e.g. [[Mary Lynn Rajskub]]
  • voiceactor
The voice performer who portrayed a character found only in 24: The Game. e.g. [[Alexander Polinsky]]
  • stunts
For instances when stunt doubles also appeared as a character.
  • seasons
All television seasons the character appeared in, separated by commas. e.g. [[Season 4|4]], [[Season 5|5]]. This is not to be used in conjunction with the appearances field.
  • firstseen
The episode in which the character first appeared. e.g. "[[Day 1: 12:00am-1:00am]]"
  • lastseen
The episode in which the character last appeared. e.g. "[[Day 5: 6:00pm-7:00pm]]"
  • episode
Used if a character appeared in only one episode. e.g. "[[Day 1: 12:00am-1:00am]]"
  • firstmentioned
The episode in which a mentioned character was first mentioned.
  • lastmentioned
The episode in which a mentioned character was last mentioned.
  • mentioned
Used if a character was mentioned in only one episode.
  • deleted
Used if the character appears only in deleted scenes.
  • also
Insert 24: The Game in the also field if the character was both in the television series and The Game. Do not specify missions.
  • appearances
Used if the character was seen only in 24: The Game, or any of the comics, novels, etc. Such characters never appear in the television series, and this field cannot be used in conjunction with the seasons field.
  • firstappeared
If appearances is used: the first Game Mission or comic/novel if character appears in more than one
  • lastappeared
If appearances is used: the last Game Mission or comic/novel if character appears in more than one
| width = 250px
| title = Jack Bauer
| image = [[File:Jack_Bauer_S8.jpg|250px]]
| name = Jack Bauer
| alias = Jack Roush<br>Frank Flynn<br>John Barrie<br>Ernst Meier<br>''[[Alias#Used by Jack Bauer|see all...]]''
| status = Alive
| age = 49 ([[Day 7]])
| birth = [[1966|18 February 1966]]
| nationality = [[United States of America|American]]
| residence = [[Hotel Chelsea]], [[New York City]]<br>[[Okavango School]], [[Sangala]]<br>[[China]]<br>[[Mojave]], [[California]]<br>[[Chicago]], [[Illinois]]<br>[[Washington, D.C.]]<br>[[Los Angeles]], [[California]]<br>[[Santa Monica]], [[California]]
| education = B.A. English Literature, [[UCLA]]<br>M.S. Criminology & Law, [[University of California, Berkeley|UC Berkeley]]<br>[[US Army]] Officer Candidate School<br>''[[Jack_Bauer_before_Day_1#Education|see all...]]''
| affiliation = [[Counter Terrorist Unit]]<br>[[Department of Defense]]<br>[[Central Intelligence Agency]]<br>[[United States Army]]<br>[[Los Angeles Police Department]]
| profession = [[Department of Defense|DoD]]: Advisor to [[Secretary of Defense|Secretary]] [[James Heller]]<br>[[CTU Los Angeles|CTU LA]]: [[Director of Field Operations]]<br>[[CTU Los Angeles|CTU LA]]: [[Special Agent in Charge]]<br>''[[Jack Bauer before Day 1#Work Experience|see all...]]''
| military = 
| rank = 
| father = ''[[Phillip Bauer]]''
| siblings = ''[[Graem Bauer]]'' (brother)
| marital = Widower
| spouse = ''[[Teri Bauer]]'' (wife)
| children = [[Kim Bauer]] (daughter)
| sigothers = ''[[Renee Walker]]'' (ex-girlfriend)<br>[[Audrey Raines]] (ex-girlfriend)<br>[[Diane Huxley]] (landlord)<br>''[[Claudia Hernandez]]'' (ex-girlfriend)<br>[[Kate Warner]] (ex-girlfriend)<br>[[Marilyn Bauer]] (ex-girlfriend)
| others = [[Marilyn Bauer]] (sister-in-law)<br>[[Carol]] (sister-in-law)<br>[[Josh Bauer]] (nephew)<br>[[Stephen]] (son-in-law)<br>[[Teri]] (granddaughter)
| actor = [[Kiefer Sutherland]]
| seasons = [[Season 1|1]], [[Season 2|2]], [[Season 3|3]], [[Season 4|4]], [[Season 5|5]], [[Season 6|6]], [[Season 7|7]], [[Season 8|8]]
| firstseen = "[[Day 1: 12:00am-1:00am]]"
| lastseen = "[[Day 8: 3:00pm-4:00pm]]"


  • type
The type of location or organization (e.g., "Private military company" or "Intelligence gathering")
  • location
The location of the place in question (e.g., [[21500 Riverside Drive]], [[Burbank]], [[California]])
  • residents
Characters known to have lived at or in the location
  • employees
Characters known to have worked at the company/organization and their position
  • population
The city/town's population, if given
  • patients
A list of characters that stayed at the hospital/medical facility as patients
  • crew
A list of crew aboard a flight/vehicle, or total complement
  • passengers
A list of passengers aboard a flight/vehicle, or total complement
  • origin
The place of origin for a flight/vehicle
  • destination
The intended destination for a flight/vehicle

The following parameters are intended for use in pages about states, counties, cities, and neighborhoods only:

  • country
The country where the region is located, if known, preferably using the Country template; e.g. {{country|us}}
  • county
The county where the region is located, if known; e.g. [[Los Angeles County]]
  • state
The state in which the region is located, if known; e.g. [[California]]
  • city
The city in which the neighborhood is located, if known/applicable; e.g. [[Los Angeles]]


  • title
The episode's title, using only the time of day in quotes.
  • season
The season number, e.g. 2
  • number
The episode number, e.g. 5
  • airdate
The original U.S. airdate, e.g. November 26, 2002
  • prev/next
The following and preceding episode titles, e.g. Day 8: 5:00pm-6:00pm
  • rating
The first-run Nielsen rating, with total viewers in parentheses, e.g. 4.0/9 (11.81m)
  • code
The production code, e.g. 2AFF05
  • length
The episode's running time, in the form MM:SS
  • author or teleplay/story
The writer or writers, as credited in the episode.
  • director
The director, e.g. [[Jon Cassar]]
  • released
The date(s) of the episode's releases on DVD, VHS, or Blu-Ray.
| title = "4:00pm-5:00pm" 
| image = [[File:8x01a.jpg|300px]]
| season = 8
| number = 1
| prev = Day 7: 7:00am-8:00am
| next = Day 8: 5:00pm-6:00pm
| airdate = January 17, 2010
| rating = 4.0/9 (11.81m)
| code = 8AFF01
| length = 41:52
| story = [[Robert Cochran]] and [[Howard Gordon]] 
| author = [[Howard Gordon]] & [[Evan Katz]]
| director = [[Brad Turner]]
| released = October 30, 2010 ([[24: Season 8 DVD Collection|R2 DVD]]/[[24: Season Eight Blu-Ray Collection|BD]])<br>December 9, 2010 ([[24: Season Eight (DVD)|R1 DVD]]/[[24: Season 8 (BD)|BD]])}}

24: The Game missionsEdit

  • name
The mission's title in quotes, e.g. "Storming the Ship"
  • mission
The mission number, e.g. 5
  • prev/next
The following and/or preceding mission title, e.g. Ricin Wired to Blow
  • hour
The hour during which the mission is set; e.g. 6:00am-7:00am
  • prevhr/nexthr
The first mission of the following and/or preceding hour, e.g. Chase Found Out
  • type
The mission's gameplay type, generally one of the following: Shooting/Driving/Hacking/Interrogation
  • playable
The mission's playable characters listed, e.g. [[Jack Bauer]]<br>[[Tony Almeida]]
  • weapons
A list of the available weapons if any, e.g. [[M5K Deutsche]]<br>[[Tag-17 Pistol]]
  • bonus
The bonus reward for achieving the mission targets, e.g. SWAT Team Member character model
| image = [[Image:StormingTheShip.jpg|350px]]
| name = "Storming the Ship"
| mission = 1
| prev =
| next = Ricin Wired to Blow
| hour = 6:00am-7:00am
| prevhr = 
| nexthr = Chase Found Out
| type = Shooting
| playable = [[Jack Bauer]]
| weapons = [[M5K Deutsche]] (start with)<br>[[Tag-17 Pistol]]<br>[[Hauser Model 10]]<br>[[Gray MK5 Shotgun]]<br>[[M-16]]
| bonus = SWAT Team Member character model}}

Actors and crew membersEdit

  • birthplace
The actor's place of birth, e.g. Santa Monica, California.
  • birthdate
The actor's date of birth, e.g. February 25, 1971.
  • role
The actor's character, and/or the crew member's position title. e.g. [[Lynn McGill]] or Executive producer
 |image      =[[Image:JackDay5.jpg|250px]]
 |name       =Kiefer Sutherland
 |birthplace =[[United Kingdom|London, United Kingdom]]
 |birthdate  =December 21, [[1966]]
 |role       =[[Jack Bauer]]<br>Executive producer}}

Comic booksEdit

  • author
The author or authors of the book, e.g. [[J.C. Vaughn|Vaughn]]/[[Mark L. Haynes|Haynes]]
  • artist
  • letterer
  • editor
  • publisher
The company that published the book, e.g. [[IDW Publishing]]
  • published
The date of publication, e.g. July 28, [[2004 productions|2004]]

Novels and Reference BooksEdit

  • author
The author of the book, e.g. [[Marc Cerasini]]
  • publisher
The company that published the book, e.g. [[Harper Entertainment]]
  • published
The date of publication, e.g. January 21, [[2003 productions|2003]]
  • pages
The number of pages, e.g. 224
  • isbn
The ISBN number, e.g. 0060535504


  • composer
The composer of the music, e.g. [[Sean Callery]]
  • released
The release date of the disc, e.g. December 7, [[2004 productions|2004]]
  • tracks
The number of tracks, e.g. 19

DVD SetsEdit

  • region
Region encoding used on the set, e.g. 2
  • released
The release date of the disc, e.g. December 7, [[2004 productions|2004]]
  • discs
The number of discs, e.g. 7
  • studio
The studio releasing the set, e.g. Fox Home Entertainment
  • aspect
The aspect ratio of the main (not bonus) feature, e.g. 1.78:1
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