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A spoiler is a summary or description of a narrative (or part of a narrative) that relates plot elements not already revealed in the narrative itself. Spoilers are so called because the early revelation of plot elements "spoils" the enjoyment that consumers of the narrative would otherwise have experienced.

P O L I C Y   S H O R T C U T  :  Spoiler policy

24 is a show based on suspense and surprise, with nearly every episode ending in a cliffhanger. Because of the encyclopedic nature and scope of a project like Wiki 24, this may pose a problem for many visitors who've yet to view all of the episodes. 24 airs all over the world and some countries may not air certain episodes for months or even years after the first U.S. showing. Our policy at Wiki 24 is that information from any episode that has had its first airing anywhere in the world is fair game for inclusion on this site. Normally, this means 9:00 P.M. ET in the United States on Mondays. Viewers watching the show at later dates or times are cautioned when browsing this site. Spoiler warnings are NOT given for already aired episodes.

In general, information from unaired episodes is not included on Wiki 24. However, as we strive to be the most up-to-date source of information about the show, legitimately-sourced pre-release content may be included on out-of-universe pages about media, cast and crew pages directly relevant to upcoming productions, as well as the "background information and notes" sections of in-universe articles. However, a spoiler template must be placed on any page where this information is. Legitimate sources of information allowable for inclusion are:

  • Episode clips on TV and trailers
  • Information from the website
  • Official press releases
  • Information directly sourced to the show runners (writers, producers and directors)

All of these policies also apply to 24 fiction books, comics and games. Once it's been legally released to the public anywhere in the world, it's fair game for inclusion here.