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    • Affected Article(s)
    • Outcome: (for Admins to fill in)

Vandalism reports Edit

  • Add suspected vandal here
    • Link vandalized page(s) here

  • Flvsti
    • Added unrelated content.
  • Subra300
    • Added non 24-related articles.
    • Account blocked and spam erased.
  • Advision1
    • Added non-24 related articles and clearly added them for advertisement.
    • Account blocked and spam erased.
  • Maahisingh
    • Added some non-24 related articles and is clearly added those articles for advertisement.
    • Account blocked and spam erased.
  • Eq54088
    • Bears a striking resemblance to another blocked user, and has a similar penchant for uploading random images and "hiding" them in revision histories, such as he's done here.
    • Random image revision has been deleted, and user has been warned on their Talk page by Acer4666.

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