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Vandalism on Wiki 24 is the unacceptable behavior of saving bad faith edits. Always disruptive by nature, vandalism includes malicious and offensive remarks, nonsense and gibberish, page blanking, legitimate content removal, insertion of false information, and the like. Wiki 24 has a zero-tolerance policy on vandalism, and all wiki contributors and administrators are empowered to revert such edits.

Under United States law, vandalizing or defacing web pages open to the public is a criminal offence and, in the most extreme cases, Wiki 24 must report offenders to Central Wikia and the appropriate authorities.

Wiki 24 operates on a ZERO TOLERANCE policy regarding vandalism. All vandals will have their IP addresses blocked from this site for an appropriate period of time to be decided by the responding administrator.

If you see vandalism Edit

Regular users can use the "traditional revert" process to get rid of vandalism, and can report it on a special project page:

  • Revert it: simply look at the vandalized page's history, click to the latest version prior to the vandalism, click to Edit it, and then save it without making any changes. This "revert" will undo only the vandalism and restore the page to its original content.

If you are considering vandalism Edit

Those who are considering the vandalism of a wiki should always remember that, no matter how small the vandalism is, or how quick they are at copying and pasting, administrators can undo their edit(s) with the click of a single link. As such, vandals always waste more of their own time, and will never waste any more than a fraction of a second of their "victim's" time. Worse, they lose editing privileges swiftly, and a community which they might have otherwise thrived in will be closed to them permanently.

Their time is much better spent reading or contributing constructively to the encyclopedia, so, reconsider aspiring to be a forgettable, temporary pest, and accept our invitation to register an account and join the community!

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