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This article's subject relates to Season 5 of 24.

The Wilshire Gas Company was a distribution center which supplied tens of thousands of Los Angeles citizens with natural gas.

Day 5[]

The company was the primary target for the release of Sentox nerve gas during Day 5 by Vladimir Bierko and his Dawn Brigade separatists. Bierko's man Mikhail killed the security guard outside the plant, and the terrorists stormed in. Two more workers were murdered inside, and Bierko then forced the foreman, Sam, to reduce the pressure of the outgoing gas to allow them to release the Sentox.

Jack Bauer, Curtis Manning and a CTU SWAT team showed up to take back the plant, but the gas was released during the insuing gunfight by Bierko. Bauer ignited the natural gas in order to prevent the Sentox from making its way into people's homes, destroying the Wilshire building but saving many thousands of lives.

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