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The World Trade Center was a major complex located at the center of the Financial District in Manhattan, New York. It was famous for its two gigantic twin towers with glass facades. (Operation Hell Gate)

in 1993, the World Trade Center was the target of a major terrorist attack. Members of a Jersey City mosque exploded a truck bomb in the parking structure beneath Tower One, killing six people and injuring over a thousand more. Most of the perpetrators were taken into custody, but one of them, Abdul Rahman Yasin, was mistakenly released and believed to have fled to Iraq.

The terrorists had intended for the explosion to weaken Tower One's foundations so that it would collapse onto its twin. They had also included cyanide gas in the bomb, hoping that it would spread through the tower's ventilation system. Neither of these plans were successful. Despite its mixed success, the attack ultimately led to the creation of the Counter Terrorist Unit. (Trinity)

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