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Yasmin Azizan was the daughter of Farah Azizan and niece of Naveed Shabazz and Simone Al-Harazi.

Day 9[]

Yasmin just got out of school when she was greeted by her mother, Farah, as well as her aunt Simone. Yasmin ran to hug Simone, who commented on how much she has grown. Yasmin told her that the doctor said she had grown two inches that year. Yasmin would later beg Simone to have dinner with her and her mother that evening.

Now at her house, Yasmin was upstairs doing her homework when she heard her mother yelling at her to get out. She came downstairs to find that she had been stabbed by her aunt. Panicking, Yasmin ran out of the house, calling for help. Simone began to pursue her and chased her through a busy street; Yasmin made it across safely, but Simone was struck by a bus. ("4:00pm-5:00pm")

Yasmin being questioned by the police

Emergency workers then arrived at the scene; Yasmin was being comforted by her neighbor when a police officer approached her. He asked if the struck woman was her mother, but Yasmin said that she killed her mother.

Yasmin was then treated at St. Edwards Hospital. CIA agent Kate Morgan handed her a can of soda and began to question her. Yasmin told her what had happened and that Simone Al-Harazi was her aunt. Morgan asked if she could remember anything about her mother and Simone's conversation. Yasmin said that she heard Simone telling Farah to get out of London as well as her claiming that she was trying to protect them from her mother. Morgan inquired about Simone's mother, Margot, but Yasmin said that she never met her.

With the threat of an imminent terrorist attack, authorities began evacuating the hospital. Agent Morgan went looking for Yasmin. She found her hiding in a cubicle, grabbed her, and rushed her out of the building. After the hospital was hit by a drone strike, the frightened girl was handed off to Chief Inspector Helen McCarthy. ("5:00pm-6:00pm")

Memorable quotes[]

  • Yasmin Azizan: What's going to happen to her, Aunt Simone?
  • Kate Morgan: I don't know.
  • Yasmin Azizan: I hope she dies.

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