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You may be looking for Nadia Yassir, CTU Chief of Staff.

Yassir was a terrorist working for Habib Marwan during Day 4.

Day 4 Edit

From a base of operations in a factory on 6th and Alameda, Yassir worked to jam CTU's satellites, but his efforts were hindered by new Cisco Systems government software and detected by CTU analyst Chloe O'Brian. When Marwan called him for an update, Yassir reported this new setback. Marwan then decided that his nuclear strike must be made earlier than originally scheduled, even though Yassir reminded him that there would be fewer casualties as a result.

Marwan soon met with Yassir at the warehouse, where they sent Robert Morrison programming instructions needed to launch their stolen nuclear warhead at their target city. After the location of the warehouse was surrendered by Lee Jong, Jack Bauer and Curtis Manning led a team to raid the warehouse. Yassir and Marwan finished relaying the computer instructions, but as they started to leave, Bauer, Manning, and the other agents entered and opened fire. Yassir was among at least four of the terrorists killed by the agents, and Marwan was briefly captured during the assault.

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