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This article's subject relates to Season 4 of 24.

Yosik Khatami was a terrorist associated with Habib Marwan. He was the intermediary between Marwan and the mercenaries who staged the hijacking of a F-117 Nighthawk stealth fighter to shoot down Air Force One.

Day 4[]

Yosik drives up to meet Marwan

Marwan personally met with Yosik for an update on his operation "at the Air Force base." Yosik reassured him that everything was in order, and was more concerned about Marwan's fate now that CTU exposed him. Marwan told Yosik to see Joe Prado to get out of the country after his work was done. When it became apparent that Marwan would not leave the country with him, Yosik became distraught and embraced him before departing.

Yosik feared that CTU might discover him after he accidentally used the credit card with a known alias to buy gas in Torrance. He went to Prado as ordered and asked for help leaving the country, however, Curtis Manning had already surrounded the area with government forces. Yosik was spooked by the presence of a security guard, and then CTU announced their presence. Yosik contacted Marwan who told him to take both his and Prado's life. Unwilling to die for their cause, Prado killed Yosik first and surrendered.

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