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Youssou Dubaku served with his brother, Colonel Iké Dubaku, in the People's Freedom Army (the rebel Sangalan army of General Benjamin Juma) during Redemption.


As Youssou and his brother Iké prepared to storm a garrison, it became apparent that two minefields needed to be cleared. Youssou volunteered to go out and capture some "little soldiers" to clear them. Iké expressed that their father would be very proud of them.

Youssou first captured some boys at a football field, then attacked the American Okavango School run by Carl Benton, looking for more children. His team was ambushed by Jack Bauer, who managed to kill most of them. They captured Jack, however, and he started torturing him with beatings and a burning machete, demanding about the children's location. Carl Benton used a car mirror to signal Jack he was hiding elsewhere, so Jack told Youssou the children were hiding in a shelter behind the bushes. He sent his men to look for them, while he stayed with Jack. Carl killed the three remaining men, while Jack killed Youssou, snapping his neck with his leg. His dead body was later found by Lieutenant Kintu. Kintu radioed Youssou's brother Iké and informed him that Youssou had been killed. Iké then became fixated on revenge for the death of his brother.

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  • Of the 14 rebel soldiers killed on-screen by Jack Bauer during Redemption, Youssou is the only one whose name is given.

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