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Yuri Puleshko was one of Arkady Malenkov's business partners in MPN Energy.

Puleshko met with Malenkov and Grigor Nikunin at Klub Rybakov so they could discuss Project Gilgamesh. When Malenkov told them that Maxwell Newbold and his team found a tracker on the missiles they stole and needed to relocate, Puleshko and Nikunin started to panic. Puleshko suggested that they use Spetsnaz agents instead of Newbold's crew, but Malenkov shot down the idea, telling them that being indebted to the Spetsnaz would cause more problems than it would solve. Later that day, Puleshko and Nikunin joined Malenkov during both of his meetings with Dmitry Markoff and Vadim Zalesky. During the second meeting, which took place a few hours after Newbold lost the missiles and most of his men, the government officials cancelled Malenkov's operation. Although Malenkov tried to explain that his plan could still work, neither Zalesky nor Markoff wanted to continue wasting resources helping him; they even stated that the only reason why they were still alive was because they were fortunate enough to discover Jack Bauer. Seeing no other option, Puleshko and Nikunin managed to convince Malenkov to leave Astrakhan with their lives intact.

Puleshko packed all his belongings and met with Nikunin and Malenkov as he was busy erasing all evidence linking him and his business partners to his schemes. The trio got inside a limousine and prepared to head for Narimanovo Airport when a bomb that Mandy planted within the vehicle exploded, killing Puleshko and his partners. (Rogue)

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