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Yusuf Amar was the father of Ahmed Amar.

Day 6 Edit


Yusuf is taken into FBI custody.

Yusuf was arrested by the FBI at 6:30am on suspected terrorist ties. He told his son Ahmed not to worry, and that once his name was cleared, everything would be alright. Ironically, it was his son was working for terrorist mastermind Abu Fayed. Ahmed claimed that his father had no idea what they were doing when explaining the situation to Fayed. The latter simply responded that if Ahmed's father had been taken, he was a sacrifice that had been chosen, and there was nothing they could do about it.

Although Ray Wallace attempted to contact the agents holding Yusuf to warn them that Yusuf's son was the true terrorist, he was unsuccessful.

Background information and notes Edit

  • This character only appears briefly (in the background) of the aired episode. The primary scene featuring Ruben Pla as Yusuf was cut, but is among the Season 6 deleted scenes.
  • It was unspecified if Yusuf was released or if his name was cleared.

Live appearancesEdit

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