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Zhou Yong was a Chinese mercenary, who specialized in special covert operations. He had ties to Cheng Zhi and was hired by Cheng to lead an assault on CTU Los Angeles during the events of Day 6. Zhou was ultimately killed by Jack Bauer.

Day 6

At 2:00am, Zhou and his men were preparing for a strike at the heart of CTU. As Cheng Zhi arrived, he consulted one of his computer-technicians about the layout of the building. The technician expressed concern about using Zhou and his men, as they never handled anything as delicate as what they were about to confront. Cheng assured him by claiming that he wouldn't have chosen them if they weren't capable. He doesn't tolerate the possibility of failure.

By 2:23am, he began the first phase of the plan by infiltrating the tunnels leading to CTU with his men in tow. They made their move just moments before Mike Doyle and his strike-team arrived at the Bloomfield base. Several minutes later, Zhou and his men arrived and blew a grate off of the basement of the complex. They infiltrated at 2:27am, and proceeded to kill any available guard and staff-member who put up any resistance. This tactic gave an imprisoned Jack Bauer a chance to escape incarceration and strike back at his men.

Zhou finally took control of the main-floor of the building and rounded all personnel to the ground. Once he had successfully taken the building, he gave the order for his men to search for Josh Bauer and use any means necessary to locate him. He then questioned his captives for the identity of the CTU Director.

Before Nadia Yassir could stand and account for herself, Internet Protocol Manager, Milo Pressman, lied and claimed that he was in charge. He quickly commanded Milo to stand and approach him. When he complied, Zhou shot him point-blank in the forehead; killing him, to the horror of his captives. Once he demonstrated his level of commitment to the mission, he discovered that Jack Bauer had let Josh crawl into the ventilation system, and commanded that his men bring both to him.

In the meantime, the switchboard received a call from Doyle. Zhou recognized that Nadia was listed as the CTU Director on a roster. He ordered her to answer the phone, with the threat of killing her and every other person in the building if she tried to warn Doyle. Still stunned by the death of her friend, Nadia told Doyle that everything was fine, and ended the conversation.

When she was finished, his men brought down Jack and Marilyn. Over the PA, he calmly told Josh that he wasn't there to do him harm but, instead, to transport him to a safe location and would explain everything later on. When his ruse didn't work, he then announced that he would shoot Marilyn at the count of ten. She would die for nothing because and he and his men would not leave the building without him.

Right before he would have killed her, one of his men shouted that Josh had made progress to surrender. He lowered his gun and had Josh brought to him.

At 3:00am, Zhou and his men made progress in their mission. He had two of his subordinates take Josh out of CTU and then forced the hostages toward a holding cell. Meanwhile, Jack and Nadia discussed how being imprisoned would stop any chance they had at finding Cheng and regaining the sub-circuit board. As they walked down the hall, Jack knocked down two mercenaries, and killed another two.

Zhou grabbed him and threw him to the floor. Jack knocked the gun from his hand and punched him repeatedly in the gut, then hurled him toward a pillar to the right of him. Using Zhou's own kevlar holster, he strangled him against the pillar, knocking him to the floor. Finally, he reached down and violently snapped his neck - killing him instantly.

Memorable quotes

  • Zhou: This isn't going to be bloodless, Cheng. People are going to die.

Cheng Zhi: You do what you need to do.

  • Zhou: Come here...

(watches Milo Pressman stand; shoots him in the head)

  • Jack Bauer: What do you want with the boy? Who sent you?!

(One of his men hits him in the gut with a rifle)
Zhou: You don't ask the questions here! If he makes another move, shoot him.

  • Zhou: I know you heard that Josh. Your mother's here with us. She's okay, for now. I don't want to hurt her, Josh. There's been enough blood shed today. Show yourself to one of my men. If you do, nothing will happen to your mother; if you don't, I'll shoot her. She'll die for nothing, Josh. Because... we will find you, even if we have to tear this building apart. So I'm asking you to save your mother's life. I'm going to give you ten seconds. If you don't show yourself by the time I'm done counting... she dies.


Day 6

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